Crime Log

June 12

11:36 p.m.

UVM police helped the Burlington police department in responding to a bomb threat made to the UVM campus.Police searched the area for anything unusual or suspicious, but did not find anything. The investigation remains open.

August 11

10:02 p.m.

A temporary license plate was stolen from a car parked in the Redstone Lofts.

August 15

11:12 p.m.

An officer saw lights on in Robinson Hall. When the officer checked the building to see why the lights were on,  custodians were inside cleaning the carpets.

August 18

6:03 p.m.

Police responded to reports of a domestic disturbance in the parking lot of the Redstone lofts. A boyfriend and a girlfriend had been having an argument, but no crime had been committed, except for a broken heart.

August 22

5:14 a.m.

Someone  was  found sleeping outside of entrance to Cook Physical Science.  The individual was transported to their residence on East Terrace.

August 23

4:20 p.m.

A non UVM-affiliate activated the blue light call box by the Davis Center claiming to be lost and dizzy.
There were active arrest warrants for this person’s arrest for not appearing in court for theft charges from the Burlington police department. 
UVM rescue transported this person to the hospital, and they have since been transferred to the Chittenden Correctional Center.

August 27

6:57 p.m

Winooski police asked UVM police for assistance regarding a suicidal person at 78 Hickok St, Winooski.  The call was cancelled by Winooski police before the UVM officer arrived.

August 29

7:49 a.m.

UVM police received report of vandalism. The letter “V” in the word “Vermont” was taken from the large gateway sign by Main Street and Beaumont Ave. The investigation is still open.