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Community marches against assaults

Steps to End Domestic Violence held their annual Candlelight Vigil and Survivor Speakout to raise awareness about domestic violence Oct. 27.

Colin Bushweller

November 2, 2016

Cold weather and icy sleet did not prevent dozens of UVM students from marching in solidarity to protest domestic violence. Steps to End Domestic Violence, formerly know as Women Helping Battered Women, is a prevention and advocacy group that works to help victims of domestic violence. Students and...

Bernie Sanders attends Democratic rally on campus

Brandon Arcari

October 25, 2016

Senator Bernie Sanders drew crowds at a rally for the Democratic candidate for governor. Sanders came to show his support for Sue Minter, former secretary of transportation, in her race for governor. Minter is running with former state senator David Zuckerman as her lieutenant governor. While the...

Ben & Jerry’s takes a political stance

Ben & Jerry's takes a political stance

Alexandra Shannon

October 20, 2016

Ice cream cones and voices were raised as Black Lives Matter supporters surrounded the front of Ben & Jerry’s on Church Street. Members of Black Lives Matter Vermont met outside of the scoop shop to show their solidarity for the company Saturday. Ben & Jerry’s announced their support ...

Mayor seeks students’ support in downtown project

October 18, 2016

Burlington’s mayor is seeking support from UVM students for renovations to downtown Burlington. Mayor Miro Weinberger addressed SGA Oct. 11 at its weekly meeting. Weinberger came to discuss this year’s referendum questions three and four, which concern the Burlington Town Center development proje...

Zoning causes protest

Chloe Chaobal

October 7, 2016

The Burlington skyline is reaching a new height, which some residents say will change the city UVM students call home.   The City Council unanimously voted Sept. 29 in favor of a zoning amendment to rezone downtown, which will allow the city to redevelop the Burlington Town Center Mall by ra...

City fights algae problem

September 29, 2016

Burlington is starting a new initiative to fight the growing algae blooms in Lake Champlain.   The city has teamed up with the engineering, planning and construction firm EcoSolutions in order to aid in controlling the growing blue-green algae bloom problem in Lake Champlain. EcoSolutions...

Drone lab creates 3-D map of VT.

Alexandra Shannon

September 8, 2016

A 3-D map of Vermont is being made through the use of drones at UVM.   The drone program is a part of the UVM Spatial Analysis Laboratory directed by Research Associate Lecturer Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne.   The project, called “Rapid, Local Aerial Photography & Mapping,” uses small...

New housing reserved for Champlain College

New housing reserved for Champlain College

Bryan O'Keefe

May 5, 2016

Changes downtown will bring hundreds of new housing units to Burlington.   As a part of the redevelopment of the Burlington Town Center mall, at least 270 residential housing units will be constructed, according to the Predevelopment Agreement between the city and property owner BTC Mall ...

Greek tax proposal is denied

Greek tax proposal is denied

Kelsey Neubauer, Assistant News Editor

May 3, 2016

A proposed compromise on a tax on Greek houses was denied by the Vermont Senate. On April 26, the Senate voted against a proposed partial payment of tax for Greek homes made by Greek students and SGA members, SGA President Jason Maulucci said. The proposal for partial pay came after a talk in th...

Vt. legislators cut ’40 percent rule’

Vt. legislators cut '40 percent rule'

May 3, 2016

Tuition rates for out-of-state students could soon change due to a new budget passed by the Vermont House of Representatives.In March, the House passed a budget that would remove “the 40 percent rule” completely.The 40 percent rule is a nickname given to a law created in 1959 that sets the in-state tuition rate...

Burlington mall to be redeveloped

(Left to right) Architect Sherida Paulsen and property owner Don Sinex present their plans for the downtown mall renovation to the city council April 25.

April 26, 2016

Students and Burlington residents may soon be able to live above the Burlington Mall on Church Street.   The Burlington Business Association gathered local businesses, nonprofits and organizations in front of the mall entrance on Church Street April 25, to speak to the benefits of developing down...

$20 million granted to Echo

Kelsey Neubauer, Assistant News Editor

April 19, 2016

U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy announced one of the largest federal awards to a UVM-affiliated program while Lake Champlain shone behind him April 18. UVM President Thomas Sullivan, Leahy and representatives from colleges across Vermont gathered at the Leahy ECHO Center to hear the purpose and goals of the...

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