Honey Nut Roasted at Living/Learning

Let’s face it; we are at the heart of Phish country. Although the Burlington scene has developed a bit of diversity, it often seems like there a few too many jam band knock offs with words like groove and project in their names. Now don’t get me wrong I am a huge fan of listening to one of these bands at a party while sipping back on a few beers with my buddies. It’s just that with so much young talent in the colleges of the Northeast who grew up listening to vintage blues, jazz, funk, and rock, it is amazing that no one has really stepped it up.

Sitting in the shadows of many brilliant musicians at the Berklee School of Music in Boston Massachusetts there is Honey Nut Roasted. They met like many before them at a summer program at the school when they were mere sophomores in high school. Since then they have played over 50 gigs in places like The Chance in Poughkeepsie, New York and the Lion’s Den in New York City. The once eight piece band has now been boiled down to Emile Mosseri on bass, David Baldwin on guitar, Erik Eiser on keys, and Sean Rainey on drums. They nicely combine their take on the song writing of the Beatles with the groove of Scofield and the technique of Charlie Hunter. Their deep roots in their influences gives this original sound overtones of music many of us know and love.

If you catch one young band all year please come see Honey Nut Roasted live at Fireplace lounge in the Living and Learning common area on March 6th at 8:00 PM. If for no other reason, come if you want to get your groove on. I promise you will.