Good places to get caffeinated

Chris’ Critique

Whether you’re looking to finish an essay, catch up with an old friend or just enjoy a warm beverage in the bitter cold, Burlington offers many options for a coffee shop getaway.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Muddy Waters:  

This is the place to go to for great conversations and first dates. The coffee isn’t the best, but the atmosphere more than makes up for that.

There are lots of non-coffee drinks like smoothies, fresh-pressed juices and teas. “Muddies” also has excellent bagels and other baked goods. The distinct treehouse vibe entices  relaxation and encourages focusing on the homework assignment you’re engaging with.

Uncommon Grounds:

Uncommon Grounds is the polar opposite of Muddy Waters: fantastic coffee, but a busy and cramped atmosphere. The shape of the shop and the proximity of the tables to the serving counter make it hard to focus or have a long conversation.

However, Uncommon Grounds serves some of the best coffee in Burlington, which is roasted in the front of the store. They source and roast their coffees very carefully, and it shows. The windows up front are perfect for Church Street people watching, but you’ll probably want to take things to go.

Maglianero Cafe:

The most modern and hip cafe in Burlington serves up great coffee and specialty drinks in a bright art gallery atmosphere. Its maple latte is perfectly sweet and comes finished with pretty latte art on top.

The separate small reading room is made from an old vault and is probably the coolest study spot in Burlington. Maglianero is close to the waterfront as well, perfect for taking your coffee to go for a stroll by the lake.

These are only a few of the options Burlington has to offer, and they each have their own appeal and loyal following. Next time you have a lazy day or a deadline looming, take a trip downtown to find your perfect coffee spot.