Budget forum highlights


Daniel Mark Fogel, UVM President

“I understand the current concerns, but I have to tell you that I in turn am angered by the imputation that I have had any motive other than simply working almost beyond endurance throughout my presidency to build academic quality, value and competitiveness for UVM, for Vermont and for this community.”


Carmen Stanko, UVM’s United Electrical & Machinists Union Representative

“It is time for President Fogel and the Board of Trustees to resign. It is time for the university community as a whole to say that we no longer trust President Fogel’s leadership. It is time for those under his leadership to admit the disastrous decisions that have been made.”


David Shiman, President of United Academics

“There is a mindset around bonuses that I don’t find has a place to me in the state supported public institution. It is more associated, I hope, with Wall Street than it is with Prospect Street.”


Jay Taylor, SGA President

“My point is that no one person, entity, or factor is to blame. The stock market didn’t do this. President Fogel didn’t do this. The former CFO didn’t do this, though I believe he should have taken steps to build “unexpected” expenses we pay every year into the base budget and manage our funds more conservatively. We are all in this together and we must all shoulder the burden.”