New Law Club at UVM

On February 9th the SGA voted to recognize the UVM Law Club. The Club is lead by a four person executive board, and is intended to provide a resource for students interested in becoming lawyers, the legal system, or think a legal education might be the right move for them.

The club wants to stimulate students’ interest in the law and legal organizations by exploring the legal field and its careers through various program opportunities such as speakers, seminars, videos, and trips. We seek to maintain a “for students, by students” feel, providing a support and education system. UVM has several outlets already for students who think they want to go to law school, including internships with Student Legal Services and pre-law advisors through Career Services. However, there is no designated “pre law” major or minor at UVM.

Professor “LeeLee” Goodson said, “It’s a really valuable opportunity for students who want to go on to law school to get together, discuss, share ideas, and talk about strategies for reaching their goals.” Junior Dave Sweeney, who claims to know about “both sides of the law,” said he was excited because it will “help people get ready for the LSAT and help them get better ideas on what law is like if that’s what they want to do in the future.” For many, the prospect of applying to law school is intimidating. We hope to prepare students to meet the challenge.

The Law Club has teamed up with Kaplan Testing Services, so we can offer free LSAT preparation, with practice tests and workbooks. Kaplan will provide a free Law School Admissions Seminar, 10 Question Challenge Seminar (10 hardest LSAT questions and how to answer them), and Instructor Led Logic Games. The club plans to bring attorneys from and others involved in the legal world for lectures. Pizza/movie nights will also be planned. The first meeting is this Wednesday, 2/23 at 4:00pm in the Billings Student Center.