New UVM policy requires club events hire vendors

New UVM policy requires club events hire vendors

Clubs are now required to hire a third party vendor for any University-affiliated activity where alcohol will be served.

The amendment to the Alcohol and Other Drug Use policy was made in part due to problems with alcohol violations on campus, Annie Stevens, vice provost for Student Affairs, said in an Oct. 16 email statement.

“The current year changes are in response to concerns about student organizations hosting parties off campus where underage students are invited and furnished alcohol,” Stevens said.

The policy will apply to any activity that is held by a University-affiliated organization, even if the event itself is not funded by UVM, said Pat Brown, director of Student Life.

What exactly constitutes an “activity” is still under review, Brown said.

If the organization is fund- ing the event, members of the organization plan and approve the event and/or the event is advertised on social media or through invitations, it most likely will qualify as needing a bartender to serve alcohol, Stevens said.

The policy defines an activity as “any act or event sponsored or organized by the University … or recognized student organizations.”

“It seems unnecessary,” first-year Michelle Derse-Lowry said. “If they’re not serving anyone under 21 then why do they need to hire someone.”

Clubs must provide food and non-alcoholic drinks if they are going to serve alcohol, according to the policy.

“It may increase the cost, but these are all good practices that should have been followed to abide by the law and keep attendees safe,” Brown said.

The effectiveness of the policy will be evaluated at the end of the semester, according to Andrew Meek, coordinator of UVM Fraternity & Sorority Life.

“You need to have someone who is certified if you’re going to serve alcohol,” first year Julia Heffernan said.

Members of the Panhellenic Council and Interfraternity Council did not respond to requests for comment.