UVMtv seeks move into Davis Center retail space

UVM’s student-run television station is looking for a new home in the Davis Center just months after outdated equipment and financial struggles left the station with no means to broadcast.

UVMtv, which currently is located in the basement of Coolidge Hall, has expressed interest in the retail space next to the Computer Depot on the first floor of the DaÂvis Center, UVMtv president Greg Schondelmeier said.

The space became available after plans fell through for a hair salon that was slated to move onto campus.

The prospective move comes less than a semester after the Cynic reported that UVMtv was struggling with debts and outdated equipment. UVMtv had over $3,000 in outstanding debts with the SGA and was unable to broadcast student content because their computers were outdated.

Schondelmeier confirmed that his group does have challenges to overcome before the move: “Last year we had to certainly jump some hurdles, including working our way out of debt, as well as dealing with non-functioning broadcasting equipment.”

UVMtv generates funds through ads that the station broadcasts, but the revenue was inadequate even to update the equipment and to pay off the debt, forcing the group to search for other sources of funds.

“We do not at this time have the $25,000 necessary to rent the space for the year,” said Schondelmeier, “We are looking into ways to fund this endeavor, including future ad revenue, fundraising and budgeted monies.”

Schondelmeier noted that the Center for Health and Wellbeing is also interested in the space. He has hope, however, that UVMtv will be able to move out of the Coolidge basement and into a more accessible location.

“If UVMtv does not succeed in its campaign to acquire this space in the Davis Center … then we will continue to fight to obtain new station space on Central Campus, as opposed to our inaccessible rooms in the basement of Coolidge Hall,” Schondelmeier said.