Post course info online to better inform students for registration

On March 20, SGA leadership sent a letter to the administration advocating for course descriptions and syllabi to be made available online for all classes during registration.

Professors are “expected” to post expanded course descriptions before registration, but in employee contracts, lines can be blurred between what is expected and what is required.

Additionally, as of spring 2015, syllabi are required to be available no later than the first day of class. This is an improvement, but the administration should take steps to make this information available even sooner.

Though some faculty have expressed concern about copyright issues, there is no reason not to support this movement. As students, all we are asking for is a simple schedule of work for courses to be posted before class registration.

Registration can sometimes feel like a guessing game. We are reduced to blindly picking courses based on title alone, without an idea of what we are getting into.

An early release of course descriptions and work schedules would allow students to make more informed decisions about the upcoming semester. Managing time and balancing work is a constant struggle in college, and this would be significant help in reducing stress on campus.

This month, SGA President Jason Maulucci and Vice President Tyler Davis will be running unopposed for reelection. One of the perennial obstacles to overcome in student organizations is frequent turnover in leadership. With the two remaining in their positions for the next year, they can hopefully maintain momentum to accomplish this. The Cynic wholly supports this movement.

All of us could benefit from this course catalogue adjustment. Professors and administration are part of our support system to help guide us and
get us the most out of our education. Providing syllabi is an integral first step towards this.