Boston builds team

The 2006-2007 Boston Celtics lost 18 games in a row. That isn’t a typo.

In the final loss of the longest losing streak in Celtics history, they lost to Minnesota by two.

Starting forward for the Timberwolves that night was Kevin Garnett, a player who would join Boston the following year, catapulting them to a 66-16 record and their first NBA title since 1986. It was the first Celtics title run that I was alive to watch.

But here’s the thing: I LOVED that terrible, terrible Celtics team.

Rondo and Kendrick Perkins were young role players who’d yet to prove anything in the league. Gerald Green came out of nowhere as an explosive dunker even though he was missing part of his right ring finger. Forward Leon Powe had a knack for getting fouled. It was a weird collection of players.

Fast forward to Game 6 of the 2008 NBA Finals and the Celtics are en route to a 39 point victory to clinch the series. Rondo and Perkins had emerged as starters, Powe went off for 21 points in Game 2, and Pierce won Finals MVP after so many wasted years of his prime.

I’ll always revere Garnett and Allen for helping my favorite team win a championship. Mostly Garnett, since Allen went to Miami and I’m the jealous type.

What I loved most about that championship run was watching my players develop through years of irrelevance make a name for themselves on the big stage. I felt like a prideful 16-year-old father of professional athletes.

Which brings us to this year, the first year of my viewership where Paul Pierce won’t be in the Celtic green. He’s in Brooklyn now and what we’re left with is a team that has a better chance at getting the number one pick than winning the NBA Finals.

Strap yourself in for some mediocrity!

It’s the month where you eat Ramen for dinner every night before going home for Thanksgiving. It’s the hours of cleaning your house so tonight’s party doesn’t get ruined by old pizza boxes.

It’s not ideal. In a perfect world, the Celtics would go 82-0, sweep the Lakers in the Finals, and then all the players and coaches would come over to play Scene It? and eat ice cream with me.

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