Cox Breaks Records at UVM, Leads Lacrosse Team Through a Tough Season

The women’s lacrosse team at UVM has had a tough spring season this year. They have lost two of their three league games so far, with three games left to prove themselves. The games that they lost, one to Stony Brook and one to UMBC, were both close games, with UVM leading up to the half against Stony Brook, and up to the last few minutes against UMBC. Emotions are high and tempers flare as the team strives to keep their leads. One bright spot for the team is the success of senior lacrosse player Vanessa Cox, who, during the Stony Brook game, achieved her 158th point, making her the all-time leading point scorer for UVM. Two days later, against UMBC, she became the all-time leading goal scorer, with 127 career goals. Cox has been extremely successful on the lacrosse team, leading them to victory on many occasions over the past four years. She is now one of three seniors on a team that is dominated by freshmen. Her leadership is not only helpful, it is necessary. “I definitely feel that I have a responsibility to lead the team. I know some of the girls look up to me, but I also look up to them. It’s a lot of pressure, but I love the challenge,” says Cox. It’s been especially difficult this season. 11 of the 16 members of the team are underclassmen. This means that the majority of the team is still learning the ropes and getting the hang of playing lacrosse at college level. The team has played well, and has several obviously talented athletes, but they haven’t played consistently this season, and the consequences are showing in the league games. Cox freely admits this, and adds, “We have the heart and skills to play very well, but we just need to apply that to every game.” This is Cox’s last year at UVM, and she will go out with a bang, having secured two all-time lacrosse records in one weekend. Her future with the game is still unsure. She plans to play with the Canadian National Team after their World Cup in the summer, and will probably join a club team in Boston, where she lives when not in school. With the loss of Cox, the women’s lacrosse team will lose a leader who has made a significant mark. Other athletes will have to step in and lead in her absence, which may be difficult with the large amount of underclassmen on the team. Yet, Cox has confidence in the team. “The people I’ve been playing with here have stepped up my level of play,” says Cox, “you don’t have goals without assists.” A true statement that shows her trust in the team that has carried her so far.