Glass and Bergmann lift Catamounts to a win on Senior Day



Jan 25. marked the final regular season game of the 2011-2012 men’s basketball season. In the game against University of Maryland Baltimore County, emotions ran high as Vermont was celebrating Senior Day. Two seniors, Matt Glass and Pat Bergmann, were recognized at the beginning of the game. Glass and Bergmann walked with arms around their family members to center court where they were acknowledged for their achievements over the years.

Following the celebration, the game began. UMBC opened up with the first points following a layup by Chase Plummer and a three-pointer netted by Brian Neller. While UMBC put pressure on Vermont, Bergmann was ready to respond. With 18:34 left in the first period, Bergmann earned his first layup followed by two more off a rebound in the next four minutes.

Vermont was able to stifle UMBC’s quick spurt of energy that came in the opening minutes of the game. Glass netted a three with 13:50 left on the clock pushing the Catamounts ahead for the first time in the game 15-14. The Cat’s would remain in the lead for the rest of the game.

The first half ended with Vermont ahead nine points, 36-27.

            Although the Cats managed a lead going into the second period, Vermont was able to establish a steady rhythm in the second to create a substantial gap in the final score. The half opened up with a showing by Glass and Bergmann, both earning layups and Glass netting a three at 17: 38 making the score 43-27. UMBC responded as Ryan Cook, Plummer and Neller shot successfully to bridge the scoring gap.

            Their efforts, however, were not good enough to top the Catamounts as Vermont dominated the court as the minutes winded down. With 3:14 left in the half, Bergmann scored his final regular season layup in Patrick Gymnasium making the score 72-49. Bergmann was taken off the court following the layup and received a standing ovation from the crowd. Glass followed suit with a layup and a jumper as the clock hit the two-minute warning.

            With 43 seconds left in the game, junior Ben Crenca displayed his talents on the court with a powerful dunk.

The buzzer sounded with Vermont defeating UMBC 80-49.

            “It was good to get back on the winning track tonight and I’m really excited we could do it on senior night in honor of Matt and Pat,” head coach John Becker said of the game.

            Bergmann and Glass both shined in the game — Bergmann was five for six on the court and Glass scored a game-high 18 points. Bergmann, who got the start in the game, played one of his best games of the season.

“I felt good going into this game and I felt confident. Getting the start got me fired up to play,” he said.

            The emotions for the seniors, who have been playing alongside each other since high school, were evident.

“It was more emotional than I thought,” Glass said. “It is something you can’t really prepare yourself for … it’s overwhelming, but it was a fun night.”

The No. 2 seeded Catamounts are headed to Hartford, Ct. on March 3 to play No. 7 Maine in the Quarterfinals of the America East men’s basketball championship series.