(RL) Rory Leland

(WA) Will Andreycak

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Miami Dolphins

This will be the second week back for Big Ben, but as we stay ahead of the curve here at The Cynic by doing picks a week early, I’m making this pick without seeing him play week six. I’m taking some creative freedom here in assuming that he’s still a better quarterback than Charlie Batch.

The last home game for the Dolphins resulted in the Miami offense scoring a mere 14 points against a New England defense that has shown to be extremely average.

Pittsburgh comes into town this week having not allowed more than 17 points — through week five — and a rush defense that will force Chad Henne to take control of the game. Unfortunately for Chad, he’s A) only an alright quarterback, and B) Troy Palamalu’s hair is an effective black hole for airborne passes.


(RL) Pittsburgh Steelers

(WA) Pittsburgh Steelers

New England Patriots @ San Diego Chargers

This is a bad matchup for the Patriots. With a young secondary that has been riddled with inconsistency, facing the top ranked passing offense is a little foreboding. Even without Vincent Jackson, Phillip Rivers is leading the league in passing yards. The Chargers have a 2-3 record as I write this, however they are 2-0 at home, which happens to be where this game is being played.

While I’m not entirely comfortable with this pick, I see this game turning into a shootout, which I fear the Patriots will lose. Deion Branch will help replace Randy Moss, but I don’t see the New England offense keeping up with the Chargers’ powerhouse aerial attack.


(RL) San Diego Chargers

(WA) New England Patriots


Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers

I just really like picking against the Vikings. To me, this is an easy pick, because Green Bay is an elite team and the Vikings are the biggest underachievers in the league. But whenever I get the opportunity to pick against Brett Favre, I take it.

While this should be an easy win for the Packers, Aaron Rodger’s concussion problem should be worrisome for Packer fans. If he is out for an extended period of time, you’re looking at a lot of Matt Flynn on your plate. And Matt Flynn doesn’t go well with anything.



(RL) Green Bay Packers

(WA) Green Bay Packers

New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys

Dallas has no offensive line. Well, objectively, they do have an offensive line, but it’s just very, very bad. And they’re going up against a defense centered around getting pressure on the quarterback, which spells trouble for Tony Romo. Kim Kardashian is going to have a rough Sunday wondering why all those mean men are jumping on her boyfriend.


One of the most surprising developments of the season has been the breakout of Hakeem Nicks. Through five weeks, he is on pace for 106 catches, 1,309 yards and 19 touchdowns. It would be unexpected that he would maintain this pace, but he’s been one of the best receivers in the NFL this season.


(RL) New York Giants

(WA) Dallas Cowboys



Washington Redskins @ Chicago Bears

Chicago is 4-1 as I write this pick, which is more than anyone expected out of them. Now considering they’re led by Jay Cutler, it’s only a matter of when he decides to assume the role of team jackass and turn the city against him. Couple that with the fact that pretty soon Julius Peppers will realize he already got paid, I don’t see the Bears’ success lasting very long.

While Washington is a mediocre team overall, Donovan McNabb has done wonders with a worse supporting cast in the past. I expect this to be the beginning of the Bears’ downward spiral for the rest of the season and the beginning of McNabb in the MVP discussion. Book it!


(RL) Washington Redskins

(WA) Washington Redskins