Women’s club hockey makes mark

Three years ago, the UVM women’s club ice hockey team did not exist.

It was only an idea in the mind of Suzanna Worzella and current president, junior Bernice Denehan.

But after completing a regular season that consisted of a 10-2 record and a league championship, there is no doubt that they exist and are a force to be reckoned with on the ice.

“This was our first year in the ACHA [American Collegiate Hockey Association] and we didn’t know what to expect,” Denehan said.

“But we played great, mostly beating other teams in double digits.”

They competed in the North East Women’s Collegiate Hockey League (NEWCHL), a division of the ACHA, comprised of six other teams, the only notable competition coming from Northeastern.

“Both times we played them [Northeastern] the games went down to the last minute, and we lost both by a goal,” Denehan said.

And again the team saw Northeastern in the championship game of the NEWCHL, but this time they did not lose.

The game of course had to be dramatic, going into overtime and then into a shoot-out, with UVM coming out on top.

And so in their first year of being in the division, the UVM women’s club ice hockey team became champions.

Throughout their season, the girls rolled over other teams, scoring 116 goals and letting up only seven.

They finished first in the region, but unfortunately that was where their postseason ended, as their accomplishments were not recognized with a bid for an ACHA national championship.

“We did get the cold shoulder from the ACHA for nationals,” Denehan said.

But just because the team did not make nationals does not mean their season is over.

The team is currently preparing for their first venture outside of the United States.

In a couple of weeks, the team will make their newly annual trip to Canada to compete in a week-long tournament. There, they will attempt to prove their newfound dominance not only in the U.S. but throughout the North America.