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Ballot counting machine assigned to counting early ballots for Ward 7 inside of City Hall Oct. 29.

Students explain why they didn’t vote

Culture Staff November 3, 2020

Often the Cynic asks voters why they voted, but what about the group of people that didn't? Or what about the students and community members that did vote, but begrudgingly? The Cynic created an anonymous...

Kesha Ram, pictured in Randolph, VT, won her democratic primary Aug. 11 and will face other candidates in the general election this November.

UVM alum slated to be first woman of color in Vermont State Senate

Maryann Makosiej, Cynic News Reporter September 8, 2020

As the first person of color from Burlington in the state legislature and at one time the youngest legislator in the country, Kesha Ram has never been afraid of ambition.  The UVM and Harvard alum...

Talking with Jillian Scannell on Town Meeting Day 2020

Zoe Stern, Stephan Toljan, and David Cabrera March 5, 2020

Cynic reporters speak with SGA President Jillian Scannell about her City Councilor campaign outside of the Ward 1 polling location on town meeting day.

Ward 1 winner Zoraya Hightower stands center with Ward 2 winner Max Tracy right. Hightower unseated Independent Sharon Bushor.

Progressives sweep Burlington Town Meeting Day 2020

Staff Report March 4, 2020

The Progressive Party has secured a majority on the Burlington City Council after sweeping elections across the city. In Ward 8, predominantly a student ward, Progressive candidate Jane Stromberg unseated...

RESULTS: City Council race 2020

RESULTS: City Council race 2020

Staff Report March 3, 2020

As the polls throughout Burlington close, the Vermont Cynic has reporters inside City Hall waiting for the Wards 1-8 races to be called. Check back on this post as we update it with more results. Here...

Sounds from the polling places: what Ward 1 voters had to say

Sounds from the polling places: what Ward 1 voters had to say

Zoe Stern, Assistant News Editor March 3, 2020

In Ward 1 voters not only had to decide who to vote for in the presidential primaries but also who out of three candidates would represent them on Burlington’s city council.  Incumbent and Independent...

Seen here is the ward 8 polling place at the Fletcher Free Library.

Sounds from the polling places: what Ward 8 voters had to say

Staff Report March 3, 2020

Voters throughout the city of Burlington took to the polls March 3 to make their voices heard. In Ward 8, Democrat incumbent Adam Roof faced off against Jane Stromberg in the race for city council. Here...

Ward 8 candidates Adam Roof and Jane Stromberg and Ward 1 candidates Sharon Bushor, Zoraya Hightower and Jillian Scannell gathered in the Livak Ballroom Feb. 27 for their last debate.

Wards 1 and 8 candidates debate one last time

Irene Choi, Cynic News Reporter March 2, 2020

In the final days before election day, the city council candidates from Wards 1 and 8 gathered at UVM to make their voices heard to potential student voters.  On Feb. 27, Ward 1 candidates Sharon Bushor,...

Burlington City Council ward debate: UVM’s role in BTV housing

Burlington City Council ward debate: UVM’s role in BTV housing

Emily Johnston February 27, 2020

My main takeaway from the Feb. 21 Burlington Tenants Union City Council debate was that all candidates at the debate agree there is a housing crisis and they all agree UVM plays a role in this crisis. I...

Burlington City Council ward debate: We need clear information

Burlington City Council ward debate: We need clear information

Henry Mitchell February 27, 2020

On Feb. 21, I went to the City Council candidate debate hosted by the Burlington Tenants Union to get a better sense of what to expect from those running. What I found out instead was that Burlington...

Students, use your vote wisely

Students, use your vote wisely

Staff Editorial February 26, 2020

Voting is one of the most direct ways to participate in democracy. This election season, make sure your vote is an educated one. UVM is a politically engaged campus. Democrats, Republicans and Progressives...

Women, run for local election

Women, run for local election

Emily Johnston February 12, 2020

America’s governance needs more women in politics and more people representing younger generations. In 2018, Vermont had the second highest number of female legislators in the country with 39.4%, according...

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