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Tracking the progression of the unpredictable Kanye

Tracking the progression of the unpredictable Kanye

Connor Adams, Culture Columnist

November 9, 2019

Kanye West has always gone through phases, but his latest may just be his least creatively fruitful. In the past few months, Kanye has found new meaning in his religion and showed promise in improving his mental state with his new advocacy for sustainability. However, his new album, “Jes...

Boys Cruise brings more than music

Members of Boys Cruise perform during the Abolish ICE concert in the Davis Center, Oct. 18. The band’s new album is available on music streaming services or can be digitally purchased on Bandcamp for $7.

Emma Adams, Staff Writer

October 26, 2019

The four members of Boys Cruise knocked one another to the floor and kicked in synchrony as they performed songs from their first album, “Jerry.” Sophomores Jake Flaherty, Joey Krouse, Jackson Halus and Jake Moran go by their stage names Johnny Clarke, Joey Rolo, Jack Parker and Jake Scott, resp...

“Norman Fucking Rockwell” sets this autumn’s mood

Sophia Venturo, Staff Writer

September 19, 2019

Look no further for the complement to your full-stop fall melancholy.  On her sixth studio album “Norman Fucking Rockwell,” Lana Del Rey is born again from the ashes of reckless abandonment and offers a meditation on her life through stripped down production, gentle piano and guitar driven melod...

New Weyes Blood album balances light and dark

Jack Eccleston, Staff Writer

April 20, 2019

On the cover of the album, a young woman lounges in a bedroom underwater. “Titanic Rising,” Natalie Mering’s fourth studio album under the alias Weyes Blood, is a grandiose and sprawling depiction of the end of the world as we know it. But even in the face of disaster, Mering reminds us to ...

Billie Eilish brings youth and maturity to first album

Billie Eilish brings youth and maturity to first album

Sarah Robinson, Senior Staff Columnist

April 12, 2019

As is always the case, young women are running the pop music scene. From Lady Gaga to Ariana Grande, the biggest pop stars today must think about what songs will please their listeners while still maintaining their individuality and creating art that is meaningful to them. Seventeen-year-old...

Maggie Rogers sings of love and fame in latest album

Maggie Rogers sings of love and fame in latest album

Anna Kolosky, Staff Writer

February 8, 2019

I woke up early Jan. 18 to Spotify alerting me to the news I had been waiting for all month: one of my favorite artists had finally released her first album. Needless to say, I spent all morning and all week listening to Maggie Roger’s “Heard It in A Past Life” on repeat.  Roger’s ...

Hozier cries power with long-awaited album

Allie O'Connor, Assistant Culture Editor

September 26, 2018

Irish singer-songwriter Hozier is back after four years of silence with a strong new EP titled “Nina Cried Power.” Filled with tributes to his musical inspirations as well as to current and lost loves, Hozier’s album sweeps listeners off their feet with four new songs, each with a different st...

St. Vincent’s new album is an epic of self-reflection

Kelsey Neubauer

November 10, 2017

Annie Clark has been deemed a contemporary “female Bowie,” by critics since she first began producing music as St. Vincent. In her most recent album, she examines the personal veracity of an imposed on her - Bowie’s androgynous indie-pop successor. Reviews of her album by esteemed music...

Wu-Tang Clan’s storied saga survives on new album

Wu-Tang Clan’s new album, “The Saga Continues.” This is the Staten Island-based rap group’s seventh album, the first in three years.

Dhalia Maleh

October 25, 2017

It's time for mumble rappers like Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty to move over because Wu-Tang Clan is back. “Wu-Tang: The Saga Continues” is an album here to remind everyone who truly runs the rap game. Wu-Tang Clan, a rap group made up of MCs and DJs, began in the early ‘90s. RZA, the group's...

Hip-hop boy band takes personal approach to new album

September 17, 2017

America has never been more ready for a new boyband, and BROCKHAMPTON is ready to fill that void in all our hearts. The 15-member ensemble changes the standards for what a rap group should be in 2017. Only 45 days after dropping their first album, “Saturation I,” they blessed their fans with...

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