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Professor finds racial bias in health services

Erika B. Lewy

November 29, 2016

Mental health professionals may be more likely to take on new white patients than black patients according to a new study. The study, conducted by UVM researchers, found racial bias in mental health services. Professor Lance Smith lead the team. “We noticed that ‘Lakisha’ was more like...

New treatment found for chronic pain and anxiety

New treatment found for chronic pain and anxiety

September 15, 2016

Chronic pain and anxiety may be treated differently thanks to UVM researchers. A recent study conducted by professor Victor May of the neurological sciences department has found links between those who suffer from chronic pain and the occurrence of anxiety disorders.   The study targeted t...

New drug trial helps patients

New drug trial helps patients

Caroline Alkire

December 12, 2015

UVM has joined a number of universities testing a drug that is giving patients the chance to try an alternative style of treatment for a disabling disease. While most people with Parkinson’s opt for oral medication, this is not always effective, neurology professor James Boyd said. Duopa is a t...

UVM professor studies light therapy treatments

Caroline Alkire

December 4, 2015

A UVM professor is researching how to make winter more bearable for those affected by seasonal affective disorder. SAD is diagnosable clinical depression following a seasonal pattern, Professor of Psychological Science, Kelly Rohan said. The same symptoms as depression are present, such as fe...

UVM startup assists the blind

November 20, 2015

A startup partnering with UVM has received a $1 million grant in recognition for an invention benefiting the blind.E.A.S.Y. LLC was awarded a grant from the National Institute of Health in order to continue work on their “inTact” printer prototype, which prints in raised-lines able to be read by ...

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