Hip-hop boy band takes personal approach to new album

America has never been more ready for a new boyband, and BROCKHAMPTON is ready to fill that void in all our hearts. The 15-member ensemble changes the standards for what a rap group should be in 2017.

Only 45 days after dropping their first album, “Saturation I,” they blessed their fans with “Saturation II.”

The 16 songs, all of which are stylized with all capital letters, did not disappoint. The group exudes excitement and enthusiasm, ready to share their work.

BROCKHAMPTON, whose members include artists, producers, creative visionaries, designers and photographers, met in a way as unconventional as the artists who comprise it.

They connected on a Kanye West fan forum called KanyeToThe.com. Kevin Abstract, a rapper and Texas-raised internet artist, brought them together to create the collective.

The album starts off with a string quartet melody that could be heard in a Disney movie, but the dreamy intro is interrupted by the harsh sound of a jail cell buzzer.

Abstract sets the bar high with his first verse in the opening song “GUMMY.” A completely different side of the artist is on display.

While his lyrics usually come from his heart and explore his feelings, this time he called out his critics.

The song QUEER, a standout on the album, refers to both sexuality and the original meaning of the word, as in “odd.” The five main rappers of the group each have a confessional verse where they embrace their true weird selves.

The artists and lyrics are so relatable that they seem like an approachable group of friends.
The catchy chorus ,“Where we’ll go is far away, I don’t even mind/As long as you stay right here, right next to my side”, encaptures the group’s dynamic perfectly.

The album is filled with both catchy bars and meaningful, deep lyrics.

“JUNKY” has a hypnotic beat produced by Romil Hemnani and covers topics like homophobia, suicide and drug abuse.

Abstract answers his own rhetorical question when he says, “Why you always rap about bein’ gay? Cause not enough n—- rap and be gay.”

“Saturation II” is exactly what the rap game needed. It seems like whether BROCKHAMPTON had a fanbase or not, they would still be making music for their love of the art and for each other.

It is an album that cannot be compared to anything else out today. It is a unique, entertaining, and banger-filled piece of work that anyone is bound to enjoy.