How to spend summer in Burlington this month

Jean MacBride, Assistant Summer Editor

If you feel like the Burlington Farmers Market and the Arts Riot Truckstop are becoming tourist traps, then consider giving these lesser-known events a try this July.

The Guerilla Queer Bar Takeover, The North End Ramble and The Summervale Kickoff all offer unique experiences while still promising to remain accessible and fun for newcomers.

The Guerilla Queer Bar Takeover

The Guerilla Queer Bar Takeover borrows a Burlington bar each month to create a safer space for queer people to have fun, according to its Facebook page.

The Queer Bar Takeover will take place 8:30 to 11:30 p.m July 12. 

The location of the bar to be taken over will be revealed on the Facebook page at noon on July 12. 

The Takeover is open to all gender and sexual identities. This is a great opportunity to meet new people and learn more about the many experiences of the queer community.

The North End Ramble 

The North End Ramble is an annual event that showcases the artistic feats of the Old North End’s residents. This year’s festival will take place July 27. 

The event honors the ingenuity of working artists in a racially and economically diverse part of Burlington and functions similarly to the South End’s Art Hop.

The volunteer-run festival promises live music, a talent show and artistic vendors among other activities. 

One of the many events at the Ramble will be the O.N.E World Market at the North End Community Center, where free ice cream will be provided alongside local performances. Visitors can shop locally made products by Luce Creations Jewelry, Curly’s Quilts, and Squirrel Pirate Apothecary, among others. 

The O.N.E World Market is hosted by the Community and Economic Development office, a governmental department of the city of Burlington. 

Summervale Kickoff

The Summervale Kickoff is a celebration of local food and farms from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. July 11 at the Intervale Center. 

The Intervale Center is a local farming community and non-profit organization located in Burlington’s Old North End. The Center will host similar Summervale events  every Thursday in July and August.

The festivities honor’s the Intervale’s commitment to sustainability and the local economy. Food vendors at the event will source their meat and produce from nearby farms as much as possible

Summervale will feature live musical performances and a different local vendor each week. The Kickoff’s featured vendor will be Bobbers, a food truck whose mission is to bring fresh fish to inland Vermont. 

The Intervale is short bike ride away from downtown Burlington. Find it on Intervale Road off of Riverside Avenue.