BSU Fashion Show breaks from tradition

Keely Lyons, Staff Writer

UVM’s Black Student Union held their annual fashion show Feb. 23 at 7 p.m. in the Davis Center’s Grand Maple Ballroom. This year’s theme was “Paint it Black,” and it defied tradition in many ways.

Typically, clothing is the centerpiece of the show, but this year, the models were front and center as they interacted with the crowd.

Liv Numa, a program coordinator for Residential Life, said the best part was seeing how supportive people were.

“My favorite part as an employee here was seeing students I advise just rock it on stage. It’s really cool to see them in a different light,” Numa said.

First-year Anna Sherman said that instead of just being a show strictly about fashion, the BSU Fashion Show felt inclusive and community-building.

The show’s host and production members interacted with the audience all night by singing along with the crowd and inviting audience members to come on stage to learn African dances.

The crowd was encouraged to participate when they were invited to show off their own outfits on the runway.

As familiar faces and friends walked the runway in designer gear made by artists from Philadelphia, Buffalo, New York, and New York City, the crowd cheered.

“I just loved seeing my friends get up there and look beautiful,” junior Theresa Kirsimagi said.

 Designers from brands including MYB Clothing, Mimidesignss, Ataria NYC and Diamond Ayodele presented their work on student models, while local stores donated accessories.

“It’s amazing to see people scream for their friends,” Numa said.

After intermission, hip-hop group 99 Neighbors warmed up the crowd by performing recent releases from their debut album, “Television.”

The lighting and set were designed by members of BSU.

“I was really surprised by the level of professionalism at the event,” Sherman said. “I think a lot of professional fashion shows can feel very cold and distant.”