Warm up with an IPA

If you enjoy an IPA and have yet to stumble upon this beer, you should get your life together and grab a cold Harpoon IPA.

This flavorful beer is super heavy and warming during the wintertime, which is probably why so many of us 21-year-old students love it so much.

With 5.9 percent alcohol per volume, this bitter beer doesn’t go overboard with added flavor as many of the IPA imposters do in order to mask poor brewing.

This Boston- based brew has been one of the company’s top sellers for two decades.

Starting just as a summer seasonal, the Harpoon Brewery was one of the first craft companies to make seasonal beers.

Harpoon Brewery quickly realized that the demand was so high for this IPA all throughout the year that they decided to brew it all year long.

The beer was first brewed in 1993. The Harpoon Brewery has never changed the ingredients for this brew, and it still has the same floral smell that it has had since its birth.

Even though Harpoon’s IPA isn’t as high in alcohol content as, say, Heady Topper or Resin beer, the aftertaste isn’t too bitter.

The taste is so good, you can just throw these suckers back. So beware. This beer is available in bottled 6-packs, 12-packs, full and half kegs, and can 12-packs.

The Harpoon Brewery opened