A look into the data: UVM diversity

From 1995 to 2014, the overall undergraduate population at UVM has grown about 2,400 undergraduates.

The UVM Sourcebook does not distinguish student populations by race. Instead, it defines students as “multicultural,” which includes students who identify as Native American, African American, Latino American, Asian American or mixed race origin.

The  multicultural population at UVM has not increased beyond one-fourth of the undergraduate population at any time in UVM history.

In 2014, 425 undergraduate students identified as Hispanic or Latino, 240 as Asian, 104 as Black or African-American, 20 as Native American and two as Pacific Islanders, according to information from the Office of Institutional Research.

There were also 273 students who identified as two or more races.

There were 7,978 white students.

The graphs below show how  UVM’s population makeup has changed over time.