Bernie Sanders attends Democratic rally on campus

Senator Bernie Sanders drew crowds at a rally for the Democratic candidate for governor.

Sanders came to show his support for Sue Minter, former secretary of transportation, in her race for governor. Minter is running with former state senator David Zuckerman as her lieutenant governor.

While the rally started at noon, doors opened at 10 a.m. Saturday. The line to get in started forming at 6:30 a.m.

Speakers at the rally included TJ Donovan, the current Democratic nominee for Vermont attorney general, Tim Ashe, a Vermont state senator for Chittenden County, Jim Condos, current Vermont secretary of state as well as Senator Patrick Leahy.

Sanders was a key feature of the rally, raising cheers when he entered, and a standing ovation as he took his seat.

Sanders led the rest of the event, giving a speech reminiscent of his campaign and hitting all of his talking points.

He also introduced the remaining speakers, starting with Condos.

“[The] secretary of state’s position is not the sexiest,” Sanders said, “please welcome our Secretary of State Jim Condos.”

Condos spoke about voter registration and voter fraud.

“Listen folks,” he said, “it’s hard enough as it is to get people to vote once, nevermind twice.”

Sanders then introduced State Treasurer Beth Pearce, who spoke about the economics of Minter’s opponent, Phil Scott, the Republican candidate for governor.

Toward the main part of the rally, Sanders introduced Zuckerman, who said “Whether their jobs are sexy or not, [Zuckerman and Minter] are some of the most dedicated people.”

Following Zuckerman, Sanders introduced Minter, who gave a speech and thanked Sanders for his endorsement of her campaign, as well as rallied with many of Sanders’ own campaign promises and slogans regarding climate change and the role of big money, specifically the Koch brothers, in politics.

Minter said “Vermont is not for sale!” and the audience cheered.

The rally ended with a speech from Leahy, which was well received by the students and faculty who remained. Sophomore Sarah Pell said she felt the rally was “really inspirational” and enjoyed the “really good speakers” whom she said were “on point.”

Similarly, sophomore Liam O’Sullivan said the rally was “engaging, not a boring talk.”