Board meeting incites protest

Topics discussed at the Feb. 5-7 board of trustees meeting  ranged from discussion of the new STEM complex, passage of the sustainability requirement and the implementation of the Incentive Based Budgeting model.

A presentation was given to the board by professors  David Jenemann and Luis Vivanco about the Humanities Center.

In addition to the board of trustees members, several UVM administrators such as President Tom Sullivan, Provost David Rosowsky and Vice President for Student Affairs Annie Stevens were present at the meeting.

Sullivan, SGA president Aya AL-Namee, Alumni Association President Kristina Pisanelli, Faculty Senate President Julie Roberts, Graduate Senate President Lane Manning and Staff Council President Renee Berteau all gave reports to the board.

Dozens of students representing the Student Climate Culture Club protested the meeting Feb.6.

“We are here to formally ask to present our proposal to the full board and have it voted upon at the May meeting,” sophomore Emily Marcus said as she addressed the board.

“Not only do we demand that our University retract its investments from the fossil fuel industry, but also that the money currently invested in fossil fuels be reinvested in the liberated future we seek,” she said.

During her remarks, which occurred before the Student Climate Culture Club’s protest, AL-Namee spoke about the club’s effort to persuade the University to divest from fossil fuels.

“If you can in any way, shape or form make [Student Climate Culture Club] feel heard I would really appreciate that,” she said. “I think that we at least need to acknowledge the work that they’ve put forth and the leadership they’ve presented.”

“Their energy is amazing,” AL-Namee said.