SGA executive elections begin

The SGA elections for the next president and vice president are underway.


The process of running for executive positions in SGA began Feb. 29.


Election packets have been available at the SGA office in the Davis Center since then and are due March 18, according to an SGA email sent to the student body.


The election packets contain the rules and regulations for elections, a timeline for the election and blank petition for signatures needed to run, according to the association’s General Senate Overview.


Each candidate must get 500 signatures from students on their petition, current President Jason Maulucci said.


In order to run for an SGA position a candidate must be a full-time student, according to the SGA rules and regulations.


A candidate must also have one full remaining year left at UVM, according to the rules and regulations.


Each year a chair of the elections committee is chosen by the president and vice president, who administer the elections, Maulucci said.


This year the election committee chair is SGA Speaker Lilly Andrews.


“We picked Lilly Andrews, who is a senior and has no partiality, because we wanted to make [the election] as fair and transparent as possible,” he said.


Maulucci and current Vice President Tyler Davis are running for re-election, and have no opponents yet, Maulucci said.


“We’re hoping that the reason that there hasn’t been a candidate declared yet is that hopefully we’ve done a good enough job where someone wouldn’t feel the need to challenge us,” he said.


Voting will take place March 28 and 29.


Elections must take place five weeks before the last day of classes, according to the organization’s constitution.


Maulucci and Davis were elected as president and vice president March 26, 2015, according to an April 1, 2015 Cynic article.


Maulucci ran against seniors Dylan Letendre, Caroline De- Cunzo, and Khalil Lee during the 2015 election, according to a March 24, 2015 Cynic article.


Davis ran against seniors Sam Ghazey and Jonathan Cares.


The president meets with the UVM board of trustees quarterly to report and represent the student legislation, according to the SGA website.