SGA Updates-Nov. 10

SGA Updates-Nov. 10

SGA recognizes club for Disability Advocacy

UVM Students for Disability Advocacy and Awareness was recognized as an official SGA club. The group will work to educate people about disabilities, raise awareness about how people view and discuss disabilities in the community and help students with physical disabilities advocate for themselves, according to their mission statement.

Climbing Club to receive more funds

The Climbing Club is an organization run entirely by students. SGA pays for students to use the climbing wall during the week. Due to this, conflicts occur with work-study, changes in student schedules and fluctuation with payroll. The finance committee wants to make sure the Climbing Club is allocated enough money to maintain the wall and other aspects of their club.

Blue light to be moved

SGA confirmed reports of a blue light being located in the construction zone, making it very difficult to access. Club Affairs is arranging for it to be moved.