Students, hotel staff staying separate

Students living in the Sheraton Hotel say they have a distant relationship with the hotel staff.

The two hallways occupied by students are in a wing away from guests, said Ben Kennedy, lead resident adviser for the Sheraton.

He said there have been no negative interactions between students and hotel staff.

“There has been no disrespect flowing either way. Actually, everyone has been courteous, respectful and kind to each other,” Kennedy said.

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Due to on-campus construction UVM students currently live in a section of the hotel. COLE WANGSNESS/The Vermont Cynic

With the addition of the Sheraton Hotel as an off-campus housing option for UVM students, the hotel’s staff now has to accommodate 120 college students.

Students freely enter and exit their rooms without having to step foot in the lobby or any area where guests and staff are.

As a result, students have very little contact with Sheraton staff.

“I’ve never actually talked to any of the staff before,” junior Talon Drown said.

“They don’t really acknowledge us. I use the pool and the gym pretty regularly and they kind of just let me do my thing,” he said.

Students living in the Sheraton said the relationship between students and staff is almost nonexistent.

“I haven’t had much interaction with staff at the hotel,” junior Isabella Sances said.  “The only time I interact with them is at the restaurant or at the front desk.”

Interactions with the staff are always polite, she said, but it is possible to tell the cooperation is hesitant.

“They’re nice, however they also seem to put us second to the hotel guests and don’t know any information about the UVM students staying there,” Sances said.

Senior Ben Lobley also lives in the Sheraton and had some complaints about the staff.

“I’ve had some bad experiences in the restaurant with very slow service, but I’m not sure if it’s directed at the students,” Lobley said.

Lynn Wales, the manager for ResLife at the Sheraton, also said the relationship was friendly.

“As a member of the UVM ResLife staff, I want to clarify that we do in fact have a great working relationship with the Sheraton staff,” Wales said.

“We want students to reach out to us if there are incidents with Sheraton staff that they have concerns about.”

“It’s been a huge pleasure having the students live here at the Sheraton,” said staff member Danica Kennedy.

“I only really see them when they come to the front desk, but they’ve been great. I was an RA in college, so it’s really nice to see students again, she said.”