Dating Advice From Athlete Brian Voelkel

Katy Cardin

Campus celebrity and foward for the mens basketball team, junior Brian Voelkel, sat down with the Cynic to share some of his secrets and advice on dating, tips in picking up girls, love and Valentines Day.

Whether you are newly single, recently involved with a special someone or have been in a relationship for the long haul, Brians advice will appeal to you.

Vermont Cynic: Where do you usually go to pick up girls?

Brian Voelkel:Tinder [a dating app on iPhones]. I typically go on there and just look for good-looking, interesting girls who share common interests with me.

I also try to pick up girls at church and sometimes in the library.

VC: Where are some of your favorite places to take a girl on a first date?

BV: One of my favorites is Pizza Put. Of course bowling. Just a place where I can interact with the young lady, get to know her a bit better.

And then there is always Leunigs on Church Street. All expenses paid, of course. I also tend to double date with my best friend Josh Elbaum from time to time.

VC: What are some moves that you think are appropriate to make on a first date?

BV: I dont like to be aggressive at all.

If she wants anything she will make the first move. I just take the first date to try and get to know them.

And then I just see where it goes from there.

VC: What do you typically do to make yourself desirable to girls?

BV: I usually workout for the outside appearance but I really try to also work from deep inside.

I like to sculpt my body at the gym to look like a Greek god.

But honestly the thing that is the most important to me is inner beauty.

I learned that piece of advice from my mom, Mona.

VC: What qualities do you usually look for in girls?

BV: Not in this order, but they have to be funny, have a great personality and be really outgoing and intelligent.

I do also like the tall and skinny model type, thats my kryptonite.

VC: Can you describe what you think your nightmare date would be like?

BV: I think the worst dating experience possible would have to be if I took a girl I was interested in out on a nice date and then she ended up leaving me for a different dude at the end of the night.

VC: When do you think is the appropriate time to introduce a girl to your parents or for you to meet her parents?

BV: Honestly, if the girl is the one, then its never too early.

VC: What are some of your hopes for this Valentines day?

BV: Well Ive been single for a while now and Im ready to find someone special to settle down with.

I just want a girl that can come over and cook me ravioli on a Sunday, thats what Im really striving for.

I want to be able to hang out, watch a movie and do homework together. Ill always be looking for that special girl.