Line Up

There are more things going on in the world of sports than just the Red Sox losing the lead in the AL East. Look to The Lineup for the goofy stories that get lost in the headlines. This week’s theme: my thoughts on the NFL.

Don’t hate on the Chargers

Although it’s easily forgotten, San Diego has a legitimate team with real postseason potential. Even with a 0-2 record, the Chargers are not a team that should be brushed to the side – remember the Giants at the beginning of last season? They came back to win the Super Bowl after a 0-2 start.

Thus far in the 2008 season, San Diego is probably the only team that can pull off a Giants-esque comeback. The two losses were pretty devastating, especially the 38-39 loss to the Denver Broncos, which only ended in Denver’s favor because of referee Ed Hochuli’s bad call – otherwise they would be 1-1.

After starting 1-3 last season, my Bolts reached the AFC Championship Game, so there is some history on my side. I maintain faith that we’ll see the Chargers brush off a shaky start and use their talent for a postseason run.

Brett ‘the Jet’ Favre

Let me start off by saying that I know Brett Favre is an amazing quarterback – that fact is not up for dispute. Despite the skill of the three-time MVP, Istill have problems with good ol’ number four.

It started this summer when I was working in New York City and everywhere I looked there was another picture, article, blog, poster, video clip – you name it, I saw it – of Favre’s he-said, she-said saga.

First he was trying to retire, but the Packers didn’t want to let him go. Then he wanted to come back, but the Packers wouldn’t take him. I wasn’t sure when it was going to stop, or how many more years I’d have to see him all choked up after the last game of the season before it really was his last time on the turf.

So now he’s in New York – technically New Jersey, but who’s paying that much attention – and it seems as if he needs more time to adjust. Meanwhile, the Packers are enjoying the successes of Aaron Rodgers in the early games of this season.

Maybe Favre will find his footing and enjoy his spotlight again, giving the Jets a genuine chance at postseason play.

Notching a few W’s always lifts everyone’s spirits and, as I recently read on some random NFLblog, Favre may prove that “it looks as though you can put lipstick on a pig(skin) after all.”