Saint Mike’s kneels, told to ‘stand up’


Locria Courtright

Members of the Saint Michael’s College men’s basketball team take a knee during the national anthem at Saturday’s home game. The highly controversial demonstration was met by the crowd with cries to “stand up.”

Locria Courtright, Assistant Sports Editor

Several Saint Michael’s men’s basketball players and staff took a knee during the national anthem before the exhibition game Saturday.

When the players and coaches knelt, they were met with some boos by the UVM fans at Patrick Gym.

Several fans shouted “stand up,” while others booed.

However, some cheered for those taking a knee.

“[It] really pained me to hear what some members of our home crowd had to say to the young men taking a knee during the anthem,” first-year guard Skyler Nash tweeted.

Former UVM basketball player, Dre Wills ‘17 retweeted Nash’s tweet.

“You gotta understand that people don’t care about what us city kids see and go through every day. They don’t care about our friends not making it to their 21st birthdays,” Wills tweeted.

“They’re too worried about their own privileged lives. You always got support this way my brother.”

Josh Kessler, director of communications for Saint Michael’s athletics, also expressed pride for his athletes on Twitter.