Snapchat covers sports

Recently, as many people open their Snapchat, they will find a live look into a major sports game, music festival or other big event.

This live look consists of direct footage taken by fans who are actually in attendance at the game or event. Snapchat debuted this feature, also known as “Our Story,” last year after trial runs at an EDM music festival and the World Cup, according to The Verge, a technology news website. The positive response generated by the use of “Our Story” for these two events has led Snapchat to make the feature available at many major sporting events, which recently included the NCAA football championship game and will soon include the 2015 Final Four games in the NCAA basketball tournament.

First-year Lachlan Francis, a consistent Snapchat user and avid sports fan, appreciates the pureness and undoctored nature of the “Our Story” feature. “I think it’s cool that you get the raw story,” he said. “It’s really cool when the players take Snapchats.” For Francis, “Our Story” also gave him a chance to look into what was happening at big college football schools during the football season, he said. “When it was college game day back in the fall, it was awesome to see since we don’t go to a football school,” he said.

The “Our Story” feature is expected to expand further, giving users even more opportunities to view first-person accounts of major events around the world, according to The Verge.