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One of the team members of the Ward 7 cohort stacks the received ballots, preparing them to go through the ballot counter Oct. 29.

UVM Political Science professors discuss historic election and what’s to come

Lilly Page, Cynic News Reporter November 13, 2020

UVM political science professors discussed what Americans could expect in the coming weeks, including increased division, further actions by President Trump and the media’s role in it all. During...

Signs point to the polling place for potential voters Nov. 3.

UVM students wait anxiously for 2020 presidential election results

Sabine Foerg and Paige Fisher November 10, 2020

As vote counts for the Presidential Election continued to trickle in following Election Day, UVM students anxiously waited, reflecting on the tumultuous weeks leading up to it and what’s next to come. Although...

The Waterman building located on the corner of South Prospect Street and College Street stands with nobody around it, Sept. 30. Waterman is the largest academic building on campus.

Amidst political polarization, professors foster atmospheres of respect

Irene Choi, Assistant News Editor November 5, 2020

Despite deep political divides both nationwide and on campus, UVM faculty members are trying to create respectful and open spaces for students to discuss divisive topics in classrooms. As a historic...

Junior Olivia Gaissert (left) and Sophomore Waseya Lawton (right) stand outside the Mater Christi School Nov. 3. Both students decided to drop off their mail-in ballots in person instead of mailing them in.

Voices from the polls: Uncertainty and optimism at the Ward 1 polling place

Sabine Foerg and Paige Fisher November 3, 2020

UVM students joined the steady flow of voters heading to Ward 1 on Election Day for the long-awaited 2020 statewide and presidential elections. The Cynic spoke with students exiting the polls at Burlington...

Gov. Phil Scott discusses his past at UVM and his path to the Vermont Statehouse in 2017.

Republican Governor Phil Scott announces vote for Biden

Lila Cumming, Cynic News Reporter November 3, 2020

Vermont’s Republican Governor Phil Scott announced he voted for Presidential Candidate Joe Biden, becoming the first incumbent Republican to do so this election. Scott told reporters why he opted...

UVM Civic Engagement to hold 'White Affinity' space despite controversy

UVM Civic Engagement to hold ‘White Affinity’ space despite controversy

Emma Pinezich, News and Sports Editor November 3, 2020

UVM’s Office of Civic Engagement acknowledged harm created by an event advertised as a “white affinity” space after students raised concerns, but did not cancel the event.   UVM’s Office of...

Senior Aidan Doherty stands outside the Fletcher Free Library on Nov. 3 holding up a David Zuckerman campaign sign as he thanks students for voting. Doherty is a member of the UVM College Democrats.

‘Kind of weird and nerve wracking’: UVM students head to the polls on election day

Ella Ruehsen and Lilly Page November 3, 2020

UVM students and local residents alike made their way through the snowy streets of Burlington Nov. 3 to vote at the Fletcher Free Library, the Ward 8 polling location. As voters trickled in to cast...

Candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Vermont, Molly Gray, stands with a group of supporters on the corner of Marshall Ave. and St. George Rd. in Williston, VT, Oct. 30.

UVM alumna runs for Lieutenant Governor

Tulley Hescock, Assistant Feature Editor November 3, 2020

For Molly Gray, Vermont always seemed to call her back, no matter where she went. Gray, born in Vermont and raised on her parents vegetable farm in Newbury, Vermont, graduated from UVM in 2007. Thirteen...

UVM alumni face off in 2020 Vermont governor's race

UVM alumni face off in 2020 Vermont governor’s race

Lilly Page, Cynic News Reporter November 2, 2020

Two UVM alumni are facing off head to head in the race to be Vermont’s governor Nov. 3.  Incumbent Republican Governor Phil Scott is trying to keep his spot as current Lieutenant Governor David Zuckerman,...

Senior Eli Cowart poses for a photo after dropping his ballot off in the ballot box outside of
City Hall on Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 28.

UVM students cast early ballots for Biden

Paige Fisher, Cynic News Reporter November 2, 2020

UVM students, able to vote in their home state or in Vermont, have been mailing in their ballots, dropping them off in downtown Burlington, and anxiously awaiting in-person voting this Tuesday on Election...

Early voting data shows low turnout among college students in Burlington

Early voting data shows low turnout among college students in Burlington

Lilly Page, Cynic News Reporter October 29, 2020

Despite efforts from the city to increase voter turnout in Burlington, fewer ballots have been received from student-populated wards, indicating that less students are voting than other community members. According...

Students react to a unique first presidential debate

Students react to a unique first presidential debate

Cyrus Oswald October 15, 2020

The first presidential debate of the 2020 presidential election on Sept. 29 between President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden was historic, shockingly departing from the typical progression...

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