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Student employees strike after admin takes down Hispanic Heritage Month flag

A flag with the image of the Davis Center flies from the flag pole where the Hispanic Heritage Month flag once flew. The flag was ordered down after five days due to a University policy limiting event flags to be raised on the pole for only five days.
Lilly Page, Cynic News Reporter September 29, 2020

Two thirds of Davis Center student employees have gone on strike after the University took down the National Hispanic Heritage Month flag despite student requests to keep it up.  Gary Derr, vice president...

In win for protesters, one Burlington Police officer agrees to resign

Protesters march down Church Street Sept. 4 holding signs with the names of three police officers involved in use of force incidents.
Emma Pinezich, News and Sports Editor September 25, 2020

One police officer involved in a controversial use of force incident will leave his post at Burlington Police Department after 29 days of relentless protest by activists demanding his firing outside Battery...

Leader, activist and caregiver: Meet Noel Riby-Williams

Noel Ruby-Williams sits on a porch in the home of the children she nannies for in Montpelier, Vermont.
Kate Vanni, Layout and Illustrations Editor September 4, 2020

A smile crept over Noel Riby-Williams’ face as the three kids she nannies tapped on the window and peeked through the blinds, watching her throughout the interview. Sitting on the porch, Riby-Williams,...

Black Lives Matter flag will be permanently displayed in center for Students of Color, says UVM President

The Vermont State flag, the American flag and the Davis Center flag all stand side by side blowing in the wind on Aug. 17. The Davis Center flag replaced the Black Lives Matter flag which was flown for several days before.
Irene Choi, Assistant News Editor August 28, 2020

The Black Lives Matter flag will be permanently displayed in UVM’s Mosaic Center for Students of Color after it was taken down from a Davis Center flagpole in mid-August.  UVM President Suresh Garimella...

Hundreds protest police brutality in Burlington as part of nation-wide outcry

Protest organizer Harmony Edosomwan stands on top of a blue pick-up truck speaking to the crowd with a megaphone at the May 30 protest.
Kate Vanni, Summer Editor-in-Chief May 31, 2020

As cities across the nation protest racial injustice, hundreds gathered in Burlington to speak out against the city’s Police Department and its treatment of black people. The protesters gathered at...

St. Michael’s players kneel in protest

St. Michael's players kneel in protest
Nickie Morris, Assistant Sports Editor November 9, 2018

Protests for racial equality were present at UVM Nov. 4, but this time at Patrick Gymnasium. Seven players on the St. Michael’s College men’s basketball team kneeled during the National Anthem...

Press Release: Burlington Police Chief on Student Racial Justice Protests

Brandon Del Pozo, Burlington Police Chief February 23, 2018

RECENT CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE IN BURLINGTON Last night, a group of approximately one hundred UVM students blocked traffic on Main Street during rush hour. The Burlington Police Department made the decision...

Equal treatment for organizations

Equal treatment for organizations
Staff Editorial April 26, 2017

First, let’s be clear: the action of the individual who stole the Black Lives Matter flag was hateful and racist. In our editorial last week, we were not nearly clear enough about this. In...

We must carry the flag on our backs and in our hearts

We must carry the flag on our backs and in our hearts
Staff Editorial April 17, 2017

The Black Lives Matter flag became an emblem whose impact radiated beyond UVM’s campus and across Vermont state boundaries. It was a symbol: the student body of a predominantly white university...

Middlebury hosts civil rights activist

Chloe Chaobal November 9, 2016

Over a hundred people congregated in a chapel at Middlebury College to address recent racial tensions. UVM’s Black Student Union took 22 students to listen to Shaun King, nationally renowned civil...

SGA reflects on Black Lives Matter

SGA reflects on Black Lives Matter
Greta Bjornson October 19, 2016

In one week, UVM received media attention from FOX News, the Huffington Post, Breitbart News Network and the Washington Post, just to name a few. The decision by SGA to put the Black Lives Matter flag...

All Live Matter roots in racism

October 13, 2016

The slogan “All Lives Matter,” at face value, claims to advocate for the equal value of lives; this turn of phrase has troubling connotations and seemingly ignores the problem that Black Lives...

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