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 A case of baked goods and Yerba Mate sits on a counter in the restaurant. In addition to sandwiches, the Chubby Muffin also sells muffins and scones.

The Chubby Muffin: Skinny Pancake’s Old North End sister

Jean Macbride, Staff Writer November 13, 2019

The Chubby Muffin was packed with people ordering sandwiches. Two Labrador retrievers sat outside waiting for their owner, who was chowing down on a sandwich. The books on the wall and the buzz of people...

The pho at Pho Dang on Main Street in Winooski is served with crispy bean sprouts on the side which can be added as well as Sriracha or hoisin sauce. Traditional pho, rice plates and noodles are moderately priced ranging $6 to $9.

Local Flavor: three nearby restaurant recommendations

Culture Staff March 27, 2019

Food is necessary to fuel our every move, but mealtime can also be a transportive culinary experience. Eating establishments surrounding campus serve up both local recipes and dishes from around the world. Whether...

Spring rolls and Thai iced tea wait to be eaten as appetizers at Pho Hong, a restaurant located on North Winooski Avenue. Pho Hong serves a wide variety of Vietnamese food.

Pho Hong serves up sweets and spices

Anna Kolosky, Staff Writer March 2, 2019

The air was sizzling with spices as hungry patrons chowed down on huge bowls of noodles and curry. My friends and I had just walked into Pho Hong, a Vietnamese restaurant on North Winooski Avenue. My...

The sweet ginger chicken, shiso salmon and spicy ahi tuna poke bowls are all “Signature Works” that can be found at Pokeworks on Church Street. Depending on the ingredients you choose, bowls cost about $10 to $13.

Pokeworks: Hawaiian cuisine comes to Church Street

Allie O'Connor, Assistant Culture Editor February 9, 2019

Light wood, white walls and calm music all lend themselves to a relaxed and beachy atmosphere in this new addition to Burlington’s restaurants. Pokeworks, which opened Jan. 9 on Church Street, is...

Rustic Roots welcomes all with comforts of brunch

Rustic Roots welcomes all with comforts of brunch

Sophie Avantaggio, Staff Writer November 8, 2018

I constantly find myself bored by the restaurant choices in Burlington, so I asked my dad, a food connoisseur, to help me find somewhere new. I think I may have found a new gem: Rustic Roots.   Located...

“Friends” Nepali restaurant makes you feel like family

Amanda Anderson, Staff Columnist October 31, 2018

Alek Fleury On the day the first snowflakes were spotted in Burlington, the sky was gray and the 38-degree wind whipped through the autumn colored trees. I had not ventured out all day and was feeling...

Penny Cluse Cafe located at 169 Cherry St., just off Church Street, celebrated its 20th anniversary

Penny Cluse: a breakfast heaven

Ella Webster, Staff Writer October 3, 2018

When I stepped into Penny Cluse during the bustling Sunday brunch rush, I was immediately hit with the aromas of a classic American breakfast. The scents of sizzling bacon, pancakes dripping with Vermont...

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