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Winter fit check

Kyle Cairns
First-year Gullotti uses clothing to express different parts of herself.

Mia Gullotti is a first-year psychology major from Sudbury, Massachusetts.

CYNIC: How would you best describe your fashion sense?

GULLOTTI: I think, overall, my fashion sense has always been very colorful. I like it to represent things that make me happy. Personally, I think a lot of my different clothing items represent different parts of me in my life.

CYNIC: Walk me through the outfit you picked out today.

GULLOTTI: The top used to be my mom’s from, I believe, the ‘90s. For the pants that I’m wearing, they’re just plain white so that I could really show off the top. The jacket I’m wearing is my grandfather’s jacket who recently passed away. My mom made my shoes for me—they’re custom Converse. The jewelry I’m wearing has been stuff that has been given to me or that used to be my sister’s or my friends.

CYNIC: Can you talk more about what inspired you to put this outfit together?

GULLOTTI: I really wanted to make an outfit entirely from things that my family has owned previously. I want to highlight my grandfather’s jacket, though. He really loved seeing me in his clothes because he thought it was funny every time I wore something oversized. So, I love wearing his big clothing. It makes me feel very safe and comfortable. I know it would make him happy.

CYNIC: Have you found your fashion sense to drastically change over time? If so, what has influenced that change?

GULLOTTI: I think that my fashion sense has been the same since I was little. My mom always helped me pick out my outfits when I was younger and still helps me today. So, she loves when I wear bright colors and big statement pieces. I used to wear this big fur vest when I was little, and I think I’d still wear that today.

CYNIC: Are your parents or siblings into fashion as well?

GULLOTTI: My parents are very into fashion, and they’ve gotten back into fashion more recently, especially since I’ve gotten older. My mom loves looking at different celebrities’ fashion senses on her favorite TV shows. My dad always asks me for my opinion when we are discussing which clothes he should buy. My sister has become much more interested in fashion the past couple years, as she’s gotten older, and has really developed her own fun sense of style. I think my brother has always been into fashion to some degree, as we go to each other for outfit advice often.

CYNIC: Aside from your family, where do you get most of your clothing?

GULLOTTI: I get most of my clothing—other than from my family—secondhand. Some of my favorite stores in Massachusetts include Savers or some small thrift stores around town.

CYNIC: Has coming to UVM impacted your style in any way?

GULLOTTI: UVM has definitely impacted my style in the short time I’ve been here. I’ve been wanting to represent myself more, and seeing how people dress here has motivated me to do so. I’ve also really wanted to embrace the fashion sense that I already have, and UVM has helped me amplify it.

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