ELECTION 2020 RESULTS: Biden wins Vermont, Phil Scott declares victory


With nearly all 275 districts reporting, the results for Vermont are in.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden has won the state of Vermont, and Incumbent Governor Phil Scott has declared victory over his challenger Democratic/Progressive candidate David Zuckerman, meanwhile, Democratic Candidate Molly Gray secured her spot. Follow the live results for Vermont and Burlington election results here:

12:45 a.m. Nov. 4

Molly Gray declares victory: 

Democrat Molly Gray announced victory in a closely contested Lieutenant Governor’s race at a restaurant in Burlington Tuesday night, celebrating her win over Republican Scott Milne.

Gray won the Lieutenant Governor’s with 50.48% of the votes while Scott Milne received 41.38% of the votes. Standing next to her campaign team, Gray spoke to a group of reporters about her plans for the future at the event at the Great Northern just after 11 p.m., Nov. 3.

“I got into this race because of my deep commitment to keeping a generation here, bringing a generation back and bringing a new generation to Vermont,” Gray said. “I ran because I believe the Office of Lieutenant Governor can be a force for good, a platform to address these challenges and to elevate the voices of our communities.”

Gray is the fourth woman in Vermont’s history to hold the Lieutenant Governor’s office and the first since 1997.

-Tully Hescock, Assistant Features Editor


11:41 p.m. Nov. 3

Burlington results come in: 

The city of Burlington voted for Democratic candidates across the board, including for the presidential, governor and lieutenant governor races.

Although incumbent Governor Phil Scott has already declared victory with over 66% of the vote, David Zuckerman beat Scott in Burlington by 55 votes, according to the Secretary of State’s website.

Zuckerman won Burlington with 47.38% of votes compared to Scott’s 47.13%, according to the website. 

5.48% of voters chose other candidates, according to the website. 

Burlington is one of three towns who voted for Zuckerman over Scott, along with Putney and Brattleboro. Zuckerman earned 52.82% of votes in Putney and 48.55% in Brattleboro. 

Molly Gray, the Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor, also won in Burlington. 67.9% voted for Gray, while only 18.67% voted for Republican candidate Scott Milne.

Gray also won statewide with 50.19% of votes compared to Milne’s 41.71%.

In the presidential election, nearly 90% of Burlington’s voters chose Democrat Joe Biden, with little over 10% voting for President incumbent Donald Trump and nearly 4% voting for a different candidate. 

-Irene Choi, Assistant News Editor

10:48 p.m. Nov. 3

Governor results:

Republican Phil Scott has won his third term as Vermont Governor, according to a report from the Associated Press

69% of votes in the state have been tallied so far. 

Of those votes, 67.40% have gone to Scott, while 26.65% have gone to Democrat/Progressive David Zuckerman, according to the Vermont Secretary of State’s website.

1.07% of currently tallied votes went to Independent Kevin Hoyt. 

Of current districts reported, only the town of Brattleboro has gone to Zuckerman. The Democratic candidate won the town 2,067 – 2,066— only one vote more than Scott. 

“I am humbled to earn [Vermonters’] support once again,” Scott said in a prerecorded victory speech on YouTube. “Your faith and trust in me is the greatest honor of my life, and I will continue to work every single day to make the lives of Vermonters better.”

-Irene Choi, Assistant News Editor

Vermont House Results:

Chittenden 6-7:

Progressive/Democratic candidate Taylor Small has become the first openly transgender lawmaker in Vermont, winning her Chittenden County district alongside Democrat Hal Colston. 

Colston won with the highest margin at 31.07%, with Small closely behind at 29.62%. 

Both will represent Chittenden County’s 6-7 district in Vermont’s House of Representatives.

James Ehlers, an independent who ran and lost against Small and Colston received 10.74% of the votes. 

-Emma Pinezich, Cynic News and Sports Editor

9:19 p.m. Nov. 3

Presidential results:

Joe Biden has won the state of Vermont in the 2020 presidential election, gaining all three electoral votes from the historically blue state, according to a report from the Associated Press. 

Biden was confirmed the winner almost immediately after the Vermont polls closed, despite having only 29% of votes reported, according to a Nov. 3 New York Times article. 

42% of Vermont’s districts have so far reported their results, according to the Vermont Secretary of State’s website.

Biden has the majority of popular votes, with 65.39% of the current tallied votes for the Democratic candidate. 

Incumbent Donald Trump has 30.43% of the current tallied votes. 

Libertarian candidate Joe Jorgensen has the next highest number of votes with 0.99% of current tallied votes. 

-Lila Cumming, Cynic News Reporter