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Daniel Fogel Elected As UVM’s 25th President

February 5, 2002

Daniel Fogel, president-elect of the University of Vermont, made a brief speech on Wednesday and talked with students, faculty and other members of the UVM community. Bruce Lisman, who headed the Presidential...

University of Vermont #1 in Drug Referrals

February 5, 2002

In a recent article from the Chronicle of Higher Education, government statistics ranked the University of Vermont as having the greatest number of judicial referrals for drug violations in the country. The...

Alternative Spring Break to Offer 10 Programs

February 5, 2002

While many college students view Spring Break as a time to party and bask in the sun, UVM's Volunteers in Action have a very different take on the matter. This year, VIA will host its 10th annual Alternative...

Advertising Rates

January 24, 2002

Could you please tell me how much you charge for a full-page ad run once? Also, are you able to accept a PDF file containing an electronic copy of that ad?Thanks,Brian Sullivan

UVM Students Volunteer at Ground Zero

January 23, 2002

Images of the events of Sept. 11 will remain forever branded in the collective memory of many Americans. For 11 UVM students, however, it was not enough to witness history from behind the shield of a television...

Eighty-year-old graduates from UVM

January 23, 2002

"My kids say I'm a newsoholic," confesses eighty-year old Dorothy Butler Adams, a recent UVM December graduate. Pointing to a stack of publications on the coffee table, including the Washington Post and...

University Marche Opens for Business

January 23, 2002

The University of Vermont has a new dining experience in town. A sort of "reincarnation" of the old Weathervane, the March??, which literally means "market" in French opened last Wednesday next to Alice's...

UVM Professor Publishes Controversial Article on Raising White Children

January 23, 2002

As part of his study of the dramatic increase in home-schooled children, UVM Education Professor Robert S. Griffin published "Rearing Honorable White Children: Instilling Racial Identity in Today's Children....

“War Debate” on Oct 16, 2001

October 19, 2001

To the Vermont Cynic, oct 20, 2001I attended the recent "debate" concerning the war in Marsh Hallon Oct 16th. I was the one that was escorted out by security for "spitting" on a member of the audiance....

AmeriCorps Advertising

October 7, 2001

Dear Editor, I apologize for the address of this letter, but I am unable to locate your name from this webpage. Nor am I able to locate your advertising department which is why you are receiving this...

Letter from NYC

September 16, 2001

Hi, I am a New York city resident who lives downtown in an area where there is still no phone service, because I can't call home, I have been sending e-mails home to my parents and just recieved this one...

Under Construction

August 30, 2001

The Vermont Cynic is undergoing a rapid website consutruction and will be online very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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