SGA Updates

Off-Campus Housing Help

There has been progress made on various off-campus housing programs, Gail Shampnois and Emily Howe of the Office of Student and Community Relations said while updating SGA members.

The programs aim to unite UVM students living off-campus with their non-student neighbors. Programs such as community gardens and annual block parties have reduced disturbances substantially throughout the community, they said.

The Off-Campus Living Workshop will be available online in May. This course will provide information regarding to rentals, how to sign a lease and how to communicate with landlords, they said.

After the completion of this course, students will receive a certificate and letter of recommendation they can present to potential landlords during their search for a lease, they said.

New Diving Club

A bill recognizing  a new springboard diving club passed.

The club aims to share skills with the UVM and Burlington communities, and is committed to helping its members achieve their goals mentally and physically through diving, according to its mission statement.

The club plans to hold intra-club meets and public invite events, as well as creative and artistic diving competitions, it stated.

Construction workers smoking cigarettes on campus

The senate wants to take action to prevent construction workers from smoking on campus in compliance with University regulations.

UVM has been a smoke-free campus since 2015.

Fund distribution

A bill granting funds to UVM men’s volleyball team to travel to Kansas City, Missouri for the men’s club volleyball championships was passed unanimously. The team will spend a week in Kansas City with 12 members.

A bill granting funds to the UVM climbing team for transportation to and from the climbing gym was passed unanimously. The club now consists of about 130 members and requires school buses to get the entire team to the gym and back.