Stamp Stampede visits UVM

One of the first warm days of spring brought both free Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and a call to amend the U.S. Constitution to campus last week.

Thursday afternoon, representatives from the nonprofit organization the Stamp Stampede made an appearance in front of the Davis Center. Among the representatives was founder and “Head Stamper” Ben Cohen, of Ben and Jerry’s. The Stamp Stampede calls for the physical stamping of American currency with political messages asking that the dollars not be used to bribe politicians or influence legislation, according to pamphlets given out at the event.

The stamping of dollars is a  widespread petition, and the Stamp Stampede wants to use their ink to say “corporations are not people and money is not speech,” according to the Stamp Stampede’s website. A large crowd formed around the Stamp Stampede’s setup, which included an opportunity to get free Ben and Jerry’s ice cream samples, stamp your own bills with political messages, purchase stamps and other gear in support of the Stamp Stampede and a large truck with a mechanical, diorama-like contraption called the “Amend-o-Rama.”

The Amend-o-Rama showed the process of corporation money flowing into the mouths of important politicians in Washington DC. Students were given the opportunity to enjoy ice cream in the warm, breezy weather, meet Vermont’s famous Ben Cohen and hear about a political call to action.