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UVM cannabis consumption reaches a new high

UVM police services watch over the crowd of students gathered on Redstone campus for the 4/20 celebration April 20.

Mills Sparkman, Summer Editor

August 15, 2019

UVM has been ranked the top school in the nation for cannabis consumption, according to the latest rankings from the Princeton Review. Also in the top five were the University of Rhode Island, Wesleyan University and Skidmore College, according to an August 9 VTDigger article.  Every year...

4/20: The past and present of UVM’s spring tradition

4/20: The past and present of UVM's spring tradition

Emma Pinezich and Lee Hughes

April 23, 2019

Cannabis celebration still riding high UVM’s annual 4/20 celebration entered a new era as cannabis possession was legalized in Vermont four decades after the event began. Even though possession of cannabis is legal in Vermont, UVM’s policy about it has not changed, said Annie Stevens, vice provos...

4/20 smokers ignore social justice

4/20 smokers ignore social justice

Staff Editorial

April 23, 2019

So often the fight to legalize cannabis is branded as a fight to have fun, but this ignores the serious repercussions that past cannabis laws have had on people of color. This past weekend saw the campus celebration of 4/20, when students gather on Redstone campus to celebrate cannabis. When the e...

A look at UVM’s drug use

A look at UVM's drug use

Staff Report

April 23, 2019

Nearly 95% of UVM students who responded to a Cynic survey reported they use or have used recreational drugs. Over 200 undergraduate students were surveyed to gauge the drug culture at UVM. Of the responses, 99% reported knowing someone who uses recreational substances including alcohol and tobacco. Th...

How to get your own cannabis as a college student

How to get your own cannabis as a college student

Henry Mitchell

April 20, 2019

The 4/20 Redstone Campus smoke-out is a long-lasting tradition passed down from class to class. It’s an important symbol of UVM culture where students from all backgrounds unite in sharing the joy of cannabis in public, in broad daylight. Many participate every year, but some linger on the sidelines, g...

Guest professor gives lecture on negative effects of cannabis use

Guest professor gives lecture on negative effects of cannabis use

Brandon Arcari

October 19, 2016

Cannabis use may be more harmful to students than previously thought, according to one health expert. Amelia Arria, an associate professor in the department of behavioral and community health at the University of Maryland School of Public Health, gave a talk in Williams Hall Oct. 13 discussing the ...

Vt. debates legalizing cannabis

February 11, 2016

Vermont is debating becoming the fifth state in the U.S. to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.Vermont would be the first state in the union to legalize through legislation - all other states have used a popular vote.The proposed bill, S-241, is currently before the State Senate committee on...

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