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Where to order from

Chris Leow

October 12

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Exam cramming, sickness or just a late night craving, college will always require times when you want to order food in. Off or on-campus, ordering food is a strong college tradition rooted in late nights and limited food o...

Tiny Thai worth the drive

Chris Leow

April 28

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Tiny Thai delivers authentic flavors and a casual dining experience to make one great meal. This small, laid-back restaurant in Winooski strives to replicate how Thai food is actually enjoyed in Thailand. The space itself is ...

Best snack fixes for your 4/20 munchies

Charlotte Fisher

April 20

Filed under Life

It’s the day UVM students cherish: the hailed 4/20. You’ve just spent the last few hours lounging on the Redstone Green, surrounded by a thick cloud of smoke, occasionally interrupted by slight panic when police service...

A food industry love story

Daltrey Burris

February 17

Filed under Opinion

Our eyes met as we both reached for the fetid dish-rag at the same time. Standing over the moist wooden table we shared a smile, the chewed flecks of basil like Italian mistletoe beneath us. Flirtatiously, I said “I’ll wipe this down...

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