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UVM student's protesting 1988

After the Kake Walk: A history of UVM’s racial climate from Lattie Coor’s presidency to the present

Bryan O'Keefe and Sarah Olsen March 2, 2016

Student activism was common at UVM throughout the 1960s and ‘70s, resulting in the creation of some of the first African-American, Chicano/a and women’s studies departments in the U.S., English professor...

Exploring Race at UVM

Bryan O'Keefe, Kelsey Neubauer, and Sarah Olsen February 25, 2016

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Kake Walk: Alumni, faculty and students reflect on 73-year tradition

Kake Walk: Alumni, faculty and students reflect on 73-year tradition

Bryan O'Keefe, Kelsey Neubauer, and Sarah Olsen February 24, 2016

For 73 years, UVM fraternity members danced in blackface and satin tuxedos during the longest running winter carnival in the country. At its peak in the 1960s, this event, known as the Kake Walk, was...

Housing master plan moves forward

April 15, 2014

Over the next few years the face of UVM will see significant changes, including the removal of certain buildings on campus to make room for the addition of others. President Tom Sullivan recently addressed...

Government shutdown halts research

Lauren Drasler October 15, 2013

In a college town, it can often be too easy to forget about the outside world. But one event that caught the attention of students and faculty at UVM was the government shutdown. On Oct. 1 the federal...

On The Record: 16th Chief of the U.S. Forest Service, Abigail R. Kimbell, UVM ’74

February 2, 2009

The Vermont Cynic: How did you become interested in forestry?Abigail Kimbell: As a teenager, I was a junior counselor for a day camp and had an opportunity to hear a guy talking about how trees grow and...

Alyson Kennedy is fighting to get her party on the U.S. presidential ballot

September 15, 2008

Alyson Kennedy, the vice presidential candidate for the Socialist Workers Party dropped by the The Cynic office during her campaign to be the next vice president of the United States.What does the party...

Illustrious Alumni

September 2, 2008

John McGillYear of graduation: 1978 John McGill is a native of Burlington. He received his undergraduate degree from Williams College. After traveling around the world, he attended medical school at the...

Taking the Kake

March 8, 2007

The Feb. 27 presentation, "Blackface in the Past and in the Present," by Wanda Heading-Grant and graduate as-sistant Jean Pak concluded a month widely known for its pronounced celebration of Black History,...

Left – Right – Left

February 27, 2007

Living in a culture crammed with so many "conservatives," "liberals" and everything in be-tween, taking black and white stances can be easy-especially when barraged with information related to the agendas...

The most vicious circle

September 26, 2006

World War III was the buzzword this summer. What a time to be alive; the threat of apocalypse itself being kicked around by CNN, Fox News and MSNBC like a hacky-sack. Stephen Colbert updated America nightly...

Alvin: A True Account with a New York City Street Musician

February 28, 2006

It was the part of the night in New York City when all the outsiders jump back on the Path Train to the quiet of the suburbs. City dwellers were making their final rounds and poets were just beginning...

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