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September 28, 2012


Animal Collective Rewinds

Dillon Baker

September 5, 2012

Over the past 10 years, few bands have been as consistently great, unique and, perhaps most notably, divisive, as the Baltimore-based group Animal Collective.  Their newest album, "Centipede Hz" - released on Sept. 3 - is the latest in a long line of psychedelic noise-pop that has captured the alt...

BTV Beats

Emma Hansen

April 4, 2012

Beer and food lovers rejoice.   The Prohibition Pig, a new pub in Waterbury, combines Southern-inspired food with beer options from around the world.  The lengthy draught list offers several selections from Vermont, and their food incorporates as many local ingredients as possible.  Waterbury businesses su...

Cynical Sports Rewind: Episode 2

March 31, 2012

Video Editor, Jon Polson teams up with Sports Editor, Mike Eaton and Assistant Sports Editor, Julia Dwyer to recap the recent goings-on in the UVM sports world. ...

Cynical Sports Rewind: Episode 1

February 16, 2012

Cynic editors Michael Eaton (Sports) and Jon Polson (Video) come together for the first ever edition of Cynical Sports Rewind -- a recap of the preceding week's sporting events at UVM, and their outcomes. ...

BTVBeats: Three Needs Duff Hour

February 11, 2012

It's Thursday afternoon, you're convinced this balmy 17-degree weather will never end and you've only got $5 in your pocket. So, what do you do to cheer up?  You put on your parka, call your best friend and head to the Three Needs. ...

Penguin Plunge

February 9, 2012

The freezing winter air did not discourage the hundreds of Vermont residents that leapt into the icy water of Lake Champlain for the Penguin Plunge on Feb. 4. ...

BTVBeats: Retronome

January 31, 2012

Emma Hansen hits Burlington's danceclub Metronome for coverage of the club's famous 80's night.   ...

BTVBeats: Vermont Pub & Brewery

January 31, 2012

BTVBeats gets the scoop on what makes the Vermont Pub & Brewery's beer so good and Emma herself teaches all VPB fans how to each a chicken wing like a champion.   ...

BTVBeats: Dive In

January 31, 2012

BTVBeats journeys into the depths of some of Burlington's most beloved dive bars.   ...

Occupy Bailey/Howe

January 31, 2012

  Members of the Occupy movement, who share the concerns of Waterman protestors, gather in front of Bailey/Howe Oct. 21. ...

UVM UPB Battles of the Bands

January 31, 2012

With bluegrass, ska, a Stevie Wonder cover and Senegalese lyrics, it's fair to say that the Battle of the Bands final atUVM on Jan. 21 was something to see. ...

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