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Burlington On Vinyl

Burlington On Vinyl

Beth Goodwin, Feature Writer November 14, 2018

Caroline Slack The music scene in Burlington is thriving; there are live gigs every weekend in quirky venues from house shows to ArtsRiot. Music is a huge part of the city’s creative and cultural...

Alek Fleury

Grieving the Pittsburgh Shooting as a Jewish Student

Alec Collins, Staff Writer November 6, 2018

When I first heard the news about the shooting in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh in which a white nationalist murdered 11 members of the Tree of Life synagogue, the first thing I felt, strangely, was annoyance. “Of...

UVM Parents Take to Facebook

UVM Parents Take to Facebook

Mike Hurley, Feature Writer October 23, 2018

When students feel the urge to share their concerns about college life, they might log onto the student-run meme page Make UV Groovy Again. They might wonder, though, where their parents go when they...

Pub Pints and Basement Blackouts

Beth Goodwin, Feature Writer October 13, 2018

At my home university in Cardiff, Wales, alcohol runs in the veins of the city. It keeps the social, sporting and student scenes alive. After choosing UVM as my destination to study for a semester abroad,...



Foster Borch, Feature Writer October 8, 2018

Ten years ago, Harris Millis Unlimited Dining would have buzzed with casual conversations between strangers. Now, those who eat alone are kept company by their Instagram feeds. I removed myself from...

Girls Who Skate

Girls Who Skate

Kian Deshler, Assistant Feature Editor September 29, 2018

  The sun dipped lower into the Adirondacks, casting a golden glow on the skaters. Sophomore Ivana Djiya and junior Abby Trombley rolled up in a 2008 Subaru Outback, hopped out, dropped...

Dungeons & Dragons

Mike Hurley, Feature Writer September 14, 2018

When people think of Dungeons & Dragons, their minds conjure images of dark, musty basements occupied by zealous fanboys wielding mighty cardboard swords, ancient relics gripped tightly in hands that...

Students navigate new cannabis laws

Caroline Slack, Feature Editor September 6, 2018

Recently, the laws on the books regarding cannabis in Vermont have evolved, loosening state regulations on pot. What remains unclear is how these laws have affected the lifestyle of UVM students.    In...

Learning to embrace a city as a home

Learning to embrace a city as a home

Kian Deshler, Feature Writer August 30, 2018

Holly Coughlan Fog nestled into the foothills of the Olympic Mountains. The wind whispered over the bay, causing the slightest of ripples. Conifer trees colored the landscape a deep green. My family and...

Bidur Rai stands at the front desk of Simpson Dining on Redstone Campus

UVM Dining by Day, Culture by Night

Mike Gasparrini, Feature Writer May 12, 2018

I could barely believe it. After the story I had just received, my perception of the man standing before me had changed completely.   Although I had known Bidur Rai for months as the cashier...


Grooving with the Mountain Goats

Caroline Slack, Features Editor April 29, 2018

Four men in suits ran on stage, looking like a band of dads  hurrying from a business meeting to this gig. For a second I wondered what I was getting myself into. Then I felt the pulse of the bass...

Creating magic with scent: a look into Alice & the Magician Cocktail Apothecary

Kailey Bates, Video Editor April 18, 2018

Brothers Aaron and Sam Wisniewski are the founders of "Alice and the Magician," a cocktail apothecary that creates powerful elixirs and mists that spark imagination and elicit scent memories. In this video,...

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