Faculty union and admin release contradictory data


Alek Fleury

United Academics President Sarah Alexander enters Waterman March 26, 2019 with rally members to deliver the UA petition to the executive offices.

Lee Hughes, Assistant News Editor

The faculty union circulated a flyer at its March 26 rally asserting the University has cherry-picked the data it offered them about funding and enrollment.

A March 26 rally on the Waterman Green centered on United Academics’ demands to reinstate two cut lecturers, support liberal arts and drop minimum course caps.

College of Arts and Sciences Dean Bill Falls sent out a fact sheet Feb. 13 stating that CAS has a $1.3 million deficit.

UA President Swarah Alexander, associate English professor, passed around the flyer at the rally. The March 26 rally is another in a series of rallies by UA in response to cuts to liberal arts.

The UA held a meeting Feb. 5 to plan action following the December 2018 memo from Falls announcing cuts to CAS, including two lecturers whose contracts were not renewed.

The UA held a Feb. 14 teach-in with the student activist group the Coalition for Student and Faculty Rights, pushing for the reinstatement of the two lecturers, returning 10 lecturers hours to pre-cut levels and prevent minimum course caps.

Minimum course caps will affect 12 percent of courses, according to Falls’ fact sheet.

Chief Financial Officer Richard Cate said for shortfalls, one-time sources do not fix the problem since money is needed every year to fix it.

Sophomore Cobalt Tolbert, who attended the UA rally and is a member of the Coalition, wants the administration to say that they intentionally  misrepresented the information in their fact sheet.

“What has been the most infuriating part of all this is that they won’t even take our demands seriously,” he said.