Provost posts, then deletes tweet resembling satirical posters


A Feb. 12 tweet by David Rosowsky, provost and senior vice president. The image attached to the tweet resembles that printed on posters critical of Rosowsky that were hung up around campus.

Staff Report

David Rosowsky, provost and senior vice president, tweeted an image of himself in a crown following similar imagery being posted around campus accusing him of undercutting liberal arts.

The tweet was published Feb. 12, following the posters that were posted last week, and later later deleted from Rosowsky’s twitter page

The text of the tweet did not reference the posters directly and instead joked about a receding hairline. It was the accompanying imagery that showed a cartoon Rosowsky wearing a crown that was similar to the imagery of the on-campus posters.

“Things I learned from my avatar: When your hairline is receding you wear a hat. When it’s royally receding you wear a crown,” the tweet read. “Hey it’s a look. #ShineOn #keepitlight”

Senior Seth Wade, a member of the Coalition for Student and Faculty Rights, said that he posted the signs around campus.

He pulled the information printed on them from public records and various “studies,” he stated in a text correspondence to the Cynic Feb. 12.

The posters depict Rosowsky with a crown and bags of money.

Citing money raised for the multipurpose center and spent on a branding consultant among other things, the posters accuse Rosowsky as causing these occurrences.

One poster reads: “Don’t believe what you’ve been hearing- believe me, the guy who made this mess in the first place!”

One of Wade’s posters put on the bridge between the library and Central Campus Dining Hall.

Wade stated he would like to have an open forum to discuss funding issues with Rosowsky.

“Regarding the tweet, I’m happy to see him take the critique in stride,” Wade stated. “I’d encourage him to, if he really would like to #keepitlight, agree to an open forum.”

Neither Rosowsky nor UVM Communications director Enrique Corredera replied in time for publication.