Provost steps down amidst campus strife


Natalie Williams

Provost David Rosowsky discusses his role on campus in his office in April 2015. He announced his resignation at the end of the semester in a Feb. 25 email to the UVM community.

Lindsay Freed, Senior Staff Writer

Amid tensions between students, faculty and the administration, Provost David Rosowsky is stepping down at the end of the semester after six years at the University.

Rosowsky is leaving to allow President-Delegate Suresh Garimella to build his own leadership team, according to an email Rosowsky sent to the UVM community Feb. 25.

“It has been a privilege and an honor to serve the University of Vermont,” he stated.

It is relatively normal for the provost to step down when the president does as part of the transition into a new University administration, said associate English professor Sarah Alexander, president of United Academics, the faculty union.

UA hopes the new provost will support a budget and revenue model that prioritizes academics and UVM’s commitment to the liberal arts, Alexander said.

“I see the opportunity to hire a new provost as a way to demonstrate to the faculty that the administration is willing to hear about how their priorities really need to shift,” she said.

Senior Seth Wade said he hopes the next provost is more communicative with students.

“I hope the new provost will agree to transparent and open dialogue with us and tweet less,” Wade said.

Wade is a member of the Coalition for Student and Faculty Rights, a student activist group.

He has been hanging posters acround campus criticizing the budget model encouraged by Rosowsky.

According to a Feb. 22 statement from University Communications Director Enrique Corredera, Wade’s posters, and others distributed by students, blame Rosowsky for a situation he did not create.

President Tom Sullivan sent a Feb. 25 email to the UVM community to thank Rosowsky for his service to the University during his time as provost.

“We wish him well in his future plans and goals,” Sullivan stated in the email.

Sullivan will be appointing an interim provost after Rosowsky formally steps down, according to the email.

SGA President Ethan Foley, a junior, said he is thankful to have worked with Rosowsky this past year.

He hopes the interim provost will help bridge continuity between the current administration and the new one under Garimella, he said.