Students create own original clothing label

Tired of being limited to the clothing selection available in stores, two UVM juniors opted out of the standard options and decided to create their own style. Matt Beier and Ben Hamilton started their own clothing line called Indigo Intellect. “For me, buying clothes from stores stiffens your creativity; you’re limited to what the brand offers. When I’m designing pieces I can make anything I imagine,” Beier said. Indigo Intellect is their way of wearing what they want and how they want it. They often collaborate with local artists to produce unique, original designs. Beier and Hamilton find inspiration from almost anything. “Our style icons vary between A$AP Rocky and Hansel from Zoolander.” Beier said. With an abstract, futuristic touch, the clothing is hard to miss. Beier describes their style as spiritual streetwear. The designers had prior experience with clothing design before launching Indigo Intellect. “I was working as a sales rep out of California for a store called APLIIQ. My experience there gave me the opportunity to learn about designing,” Beier said. “I learned how to sew from my Aunt Cathy, who gave me the sewing machine I use now.” Indigo Intellect had their first vending experience last month at the Otis Mountain Get Down music festival. Being a vendor at the festival was an accomplishment for Beier and Hamilton. They received a lot of positive feedback from customers. “It was great, we were able to get our name out there,” Hamilton said. “It got a little weird with drunk people trying to trade beer for shirts.” The production process is unique and challenging at times, they said. They make the art or acquire it from other artists. “After editing and screen-printing the art, we order our garments and pick out fabrics. Then we put it together the way we want to,” Beier said. “Because we pride ourselves in good quality, high costs can be difficult.” “It’s simple, unique, and sold at good prices. I recently bought a shirt for only twenty dollars at their stand outside the Davis Center.” junior Louisa Deering said. As they continue to sell around campus and at various events, Beier and Hamilton hope to eventually have their clothing sold in stores and build careers in fashion. Indigo Intellect is on Facebook, Instagram and their newly developed website,