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Occupy Bailey/Howe

January 31, 2012

  Members of the Occupy movement, who share the concerns of Waterman protestors, gather in front of Bailey/Howe Oct. 21. ...

UVM UPB Battles of the Bands

January 31, 2012

With bluegrass, ska, a Stevie Wonder cover and Senegalese lyrics, it's fair to say that the Battle of the Bands final atUVM on Jan. 21 was something to see. ...

Forest Ethics Rally Against SFI

January 30, 2012

More than 40 UVM students gathered at the Catamount statue on Sept. 14 to walk downtown and rally outside the Burlington Hilton to protest against the Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) at its annual conference. ...

Burlington, VT SlutWalk

January 30, 2012

The Burlington community joined the movement of raising awareness of gender-based violence and victim blaming by taking part in a SlutWalk. The event was organized by Fed Up Vermont, a feminist group focusing on women's freedom from violence. ...

Brother Ali welcomes students back to Burly

Hannah Ullman

September 8, 2011

Underground rap artist Brother Ali kicked off the Back to School Bash on the fourth floor of the Davis Center, which was decorated to model a VIP event. The Sept. 2 event was part of the UVM Week of Welcome sponsored by Sigma Phi Epsilon and UVM Program Board (UPB). Green lights and bass-heavy music set the mood as g...


February 28, 2011

  The Inside *[NOTE: Some names have been changed in order to protect the source]             Two lines of white powder lie parallel on a sheet of glass next to a razor.  A marble-sized rock of cocaine stands a few inches to the...

Student compost confusion

October 4, 2010

You're in the Davis Center Marketplace, about to scrape the food scraps off your plate into the bin labeled "compost," when a fellow student turns to you and says, "Do you know UVM doesn't actually compost that?" It may come as a surprise to some, but UVM does, in fact, compost — 4.6 tons each...

Work-study worries

September 20, 2010

Risky behavior in work-study hiring practices "YOUR NEW/REVISED AWARD IS READY TO VIEW." Students who apply for financial aid receive this e-mail from Student Financial Services (SFS) every June. After viewing their award package this year, many students said they discovered that they were ...

Students join in the race to midterms

September 6, 2010

As the Burlington population expands with students, the population headed to the polls for this year's midterm election expands as well. After the results of the Democratic primary on Tuesday, Aug. 24, Peter Shumlin won the race for the Democratic candidate for governor, according to the Times Argus. ...

Pints and Produce

August 30, 2010

With the beginning of classes comes copious hours in the library, late nights and the diet of frozen burritos, pizza and cheap beer.  Burlington, however, abounds with fresh, local foods and microbrews that students can incorporate into their own off-campus meal plan. Burlington Farmers Market...

Prioritizing priority registration

May 3, 2010

It's 6:55 a.m. when sophomore Bayan Suleiman rolls out of bed and sits in front of her computer on the morning of her scheduled class registration.She types in her CRN numbers and watches the clock intently until it turns the magical time: 7 a.m. She clicks submit only to find that she did not get into...

Details about detox

April 26, 2010

Before you set foot on Burlington's sidewalks for another thrilling weekend night, remember that there are a few things not worth experiencing —  like being transported to Fletcher Allen and ACT One detoxification center downtown. "Intoxicated students usually arrive with the police at ACT...

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